How to find Fibre in Nightingale

A base with various crafting stations in Nightingale.
Credit: Inflexion Games

A base with various crafting stations in Nightingale.
Credit: Inflexion Games

Getting through Nightingale means making various structures with which you craft different items that will aid you throughout your adventure. In each step of this process, Fibre is an important resource that you will need time and time again.

Fortunately, getting Fibre isn't a tall task. However, the game doesn't exactly instruct you on how best to farm the different types of Fibre. So to help with that, here's our guide on how you can find Fibre in Nightingale.

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How to find Fibre in Nightingale

There are two kinds of Fibres that you'll need in your journey through the Fae Realms of Nightingale. These are Plant Fibre and Animal Fibre, and getting each involves a different process.

This plant that gives Plant Fibres in Nightingale.
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Getting Plant Fibre

The first time you'll be tasked with finding Plant Fibres is in the Nightingale's tutorial when Puck tasks you with building a Stick Tent. However, he only tells you to gather plants to get your hands on the material, but if that's all you're doing, you might mistakenly think that getting Plant Fibres is simply a matter of luck.

Although getting Plant Fibre is just a process of collecting plants, the plants that give you these Fibres have a distinct look to them that you can identify. These can either be small, thin, rust-coloured plants like the ones shown above or the tall, dark ferns that you find near water sources.

Crafting Animal Fibre in Nightingale with a Tanning Station.
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Getting Animal Fibre

The process of getting Animal Fibre is different from getting Plant Fibre in that you can't just loot it from Nightingale's Overworld. To get your hands on Animal Fibre, you'll need to craft it. Fortunately, crafting Animal Fibre is a pretty simple process. You just need 2 things: a Hunting Knife and a Tanning Station.

Here's a rundown on exactly how you do it:

  1. Get your Hunting Knife ready and go out in the wild
  1. Locate and hunt down a deer, boar, or other small animal
  2. Harvest the meat from the animal you hunt
  3. Head to a Tanning Station and process 2x raw meat for 1x Animal Fibre

That's all you need to know about getting Plant Fibre and Animal Fibre in Nightingale. Also, check out our guides on the game's gear score system and how to get the Antiquarian card in Nightingale.

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