How to get Heartshots in Nightingale

nightingale gun and torch pointing at humanoid enemy

nightingale gun and torch pointing at humanoid enemy

upgNightingale is a survival crafting game that requires you to make intelligent resource management and gathering decisions. However, that's not all, as you will have to use your weapons in the optimal fashion to deal with the tougher enemies. One of the techniques to dispatch enemies quickly is to learn how to land Heartshots in Nightingale.

When you start and first get a gun, you will get a quest from Bass Reeves “Take Aim and Shoot,”, that requires you to get some headshots and heartshots. Headshots are self-explanatory, so let's discuss how to get Heartshots in Nightingale.

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What are Heartshots in Nightingale?

Heartshots literally refer to shooting an enemy in the heart for bonus damage. Similar to the bonus damage from headshots, Heartshots provide an alternate weak point, rewarding your aim if you can exploit it. Furthermore, you can perform Heartshots with most ranged weapons in Nightingale, including the low-tier ones. So Heartshots are not limited to guns.

How to get Heartshots in Nightingale

For humanoid enemies, you can land Heartshots fairly intuitively. The heart is generally located on the left side of the chest, and most humanoid enemies won't deviate too much from this rule. However, it's not clear where you need to aim to get Heartshots on animals.

For four-legged animals such as deer and boar, you need to aim for their right side just above the front leg. It can take a bit of experimentation to get used to it and figure out the specific Heartshot point for each animal.

The easiest way to land Heartshots is by exploiting the delay enemies have when they spawn. During this time they stand still, allowing you to land an easy Heartshot.

That's all you need to know about how to get Heartshots in Nightingale. For more guides, learn how to craft Slingbow ammo and how to get Fuel.

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