How to get fuel in Nightingale

Nightingale character holding a lamp

Nightingale character holding a lamp

Looking for a way to stay warm within the Fae Realms? This guide on how to get fuel in Nightingale is just the thing you need to keep your campfire going.

Though you’ll be traveling to a fantasy world full of magic and mystery in Nightingale, you’ll need your basic necessities to survive. Aside from fuel, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for items like Essence Dust and learn how to repair items to make sure your journey doesn’t come to an early end.

But if you’re struggling to keep warm during your time in Nightingale, then let’s go ahead and find out how to get fuel.

A forest in Nightingale
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Where to get fuel in Nightingale

Fuel isn’t something you can simply pick up in Nightingale. Instead, you’ll have to use certain items as a sort of substitute.

While exploring the multi-realmic lands of Nightingale, you can use sticks, plant fibers, and wood bundles as fuel. Sticks and plant fibers can be found just lying about out in the wild while collecting wood bundles will require you to chop down some trees.

These items shouldn’t be hard to find at all, just don’t forget to pick some up while you’re out exploring your surroundings.

How to use fuel in Nightingale

To use fuel in this fantasy survival game, you’ll first need to make a campfire. You can build a campfire by using six rocks from your inventory.

Simply approach the campfire after it’s been built and you’ll be prompted to add fuel from your inventory. Select the items you wish to use as fuel then click on Ignite to start your fire.

With the fire going on, you can start cooking meals for you and your friends. You can also extinguish the fire manually to save on fuel.

That wraps up our guide on how to get fuel in Nightingale. For more on the survival game, feel free to read up on Nightingale’s best loadout difficulty settings or learn how to switch to third-person view.

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