Do you need a console for PS5 cloud gaming?

An image of PS5 console and controller with clouds in the background

An image of PS5 console and controller with clouds in the background

After Sony's announcement of PS5 cloud gaming, a question that has captured everyone's curiosity is: do you need a console for PS5 cloud gaming?

Sony is set to officially launch the ability to play cloud-streamed PS5 games. That means you no longer need to download games onto your PS5 or PS5 Slim console, preserving precious storage for your favourite titles.

In this guide, we will answer the fundamental question of whether you require a console to access PS5 cloud gaming.

Do you need a console for PS5 cloud gaming?

As things stand, you will need a PS5 console for accessing PS5 cloud gaming. Sony's official announcement blog states that "PS5 cloud streaming is exclusively available on the PS5 console at launch."

The use of "at launch" implies that PS5 cloud streaming may become available on other devices in the future. It's quite reasonable to anticipate that PS5 cloud streaming could eventually extend to PlayStation Portal.

What else do you need for PS5 cloud gaming?

Along with a PS5 console, you'll require a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription (which recently got a vile price hike) and a high-speed internet connection of approximately 50Mbps, if you wish to stream games at 4K@60fps.

Once all these prerequisites are met, you'll be able to stream "select" PS5 games initially, including titles like Horizon Forbidden West, Sea of Stars, and more. Sony aims to expand the library to include "hundreds" of PS5 games for streaming in the future.

When will the PS5 cloud gaming launch?

Sony is gearing up to introduce PS5 cloud gaming regionally in a carefully planned, phased approach, beginning later in October. The inaugural launch of PS5 cloud gaming is slated for Japan, commencing on October 17.

Subsequently, on October 23, the service will expand to Europe. Finally, on October 30, North America will gain access to this service. So, by the end of October, the service will have completed its full rollout.

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