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A painting of two cavemen looking towards some huts at the foot of a hill
Credit: Paradox Interactive

A painting of two cavemen looking towards some huts at the foot of a hill
Credit: Paradox Interactive

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Paradox recently revealed a new 4X turn-based strategy game that it is publishing: Millennia, developed by C Prompt Games. Similar to both the Civilisation game series and the recent Humankind, Millennia claims to offer a fresh take on the 4X genre.

The team behind Millennia, C Prompt Games, is a newly established American studio, founded by developers who previously worked on the major strategy titles Age of Empires and StarCraft.

In terms of similarity, Millennia seems more closely aligned to Humankind, particularly in terms of the playable civilisations. In both games, players are able to shape the natures of their civilisation, rather than selecting a defined historical nation typical to the Civilisation series. Humankind failed to have a significant impact in toppling Sid Meier's hegemony over the 4X genre, and Millennia will surely be hoping to make more of an impact.

Screenshot of a game menu from the unreleased game Millennia
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Credit: Paradox Interactive

What is Millennia's release date?

No precise date has been given for the release date of Millennia. However, as of now, Millennia is scheduled for release sometime in 2024. With a new Civilisation game doubtlessly on the horizon, Paradox will no doubt be hoping that Millennia has enough time and charm to carve its own niche in the 4X genre.

From the graphics seen so far, Millennia looks most similar to the 4X game Old World that was released by former Civilisation 3 devs in 2021, with a particularly rustic charm to its cities and terrain.

One of the ways Millennia will be hoping to stand out from the crowd will be how you can dynamically shape your civilisation's history and traits through ten variable historical ages, generating a range of alternative histories. Millennia seems to offer a significant varieties of potential game outcomes for players, as well as economic and combat systems with greater depth than games like Civilisation 6. These variable ages and customisable civilisations are highlighted in the teaser trailer below.

Millennia is clearly an ambitious project, promising to take the 4X genre in a new and exciting direction, however whether these new systems and mechanics offer something truly unique and revolutionary remains to be seen. With Paradox backing the game, expectations for Millennia will be sky high for some. It remains to be seen whether Millennia will be capable of reaching those heights.

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