Civ 6: How to use the battering ram

Ever since Civilization VI was made available for free on the Epic Games Store earlier this year, new players have felt a bit lost.

It's not a stretch to state that explanations for items and support units aren't the clearest.

No better example is the battering ram.

With that, here's a simple guide on what it is, and how to use it.

What is the Battering Ram

In Civilization VI, the 'battering ram' is an item where it breaks down city walls for certain units, but it's a support role, more than it being an item on its own.

If the item is next to a city that has walls such as Persia, then all units will attack them with full damage.

It's always crucial to make sure the battering ram is protected, as it's a sure-fire way to break down city walls much faster than normal.

Without it, units can only deal around 17% damage to the city walls, whereas they can inflict full damage with the item.

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How to Use It

The best way to use the battering ram in battle, is to escort it with a melee unit.

Once this is brought to a certain point, the battering ram will then be attacking the city walls with the unit selected, inflicting full damage.

It's an item that's not well explained, but when you know how it can be used, you'll find yourself protecting the battering ram as much as you can.

One hopes that these items will be better explained in a future entry, but for now, a clearer insight into the battering ram here can suffice.

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