Is Metro Awakening on Meta Quest 3?

A picture from a Metro Awakening trailer
Credit: Metro video game on YouTube

A picture from a Metro Awakening trailer
Credit: Metro video game on YouTube

Meta Quest 3 has created an immersive gaming experience since it hit the market. Mixed reality headsets offer plenty of gaming options to get lost in. But it didn’t stop people from being eager to know whether there is already a Metro Awakening on Meta Quest 3.

Metro Awakening is set in a post-apocalyptic world where nuclear bombs destroyed much of the world. You're not to blame if you relish challenges such as getting through dark tunnels, dealing with radiation, and handling mutants.

This game ramps up the thrill with its promise to take the post-apocalyptic world into VR to an advanced level. Here's a guide to help you decide if you're ready to jump in.

Is Metro Awakening on Meta Quest 3?

Meta has announced that Metro Awakening will soon be available to play on Meta Quest 3. The game will also be compatible with other models like Quest 2 and Pro.

The game has a lot of promises to live up to. The Metro Awakening is a prequel to the Metro series created by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

This development has the involvement of Vertigo Games and Deep Silver. The developers have been working on it for two and a half years. They are currently gearing up to finally unveil it this year.

Is Metro Awakening worth buying?

Vertigo Games is well-documented for bringing all kinds of epic gaming experiences to the world, so rest assured that this would exceed the hype and is worth buying.

You'll indulge in adrenaline-pumping first-person shooter gameplay in VR as the character who's not just any doctor, but a determined one with a heart full of love for his wife.

But the thing is, the wife is somewhere in the depths of a post-apocalyptic Moscow. The ruins are now filled with mutants that have evolved in strange and deadly ways since the apocalypse.

You'll need to deploy survival tactics in gloomy areas with a flickering headlamp, searching for radiation filters, all while manually reloading weapons during intense battles.

The trailer still depicts an eerie atmosphere with survival, stealth, and combat elements while keeping most details under wraps. Also, a spoiler alert for the jumpscare—just in case you needed it.

As of now, there hasn't been any precise date disclosed for its release. But there have been mentions of it coming out later this year. Keep an eye out for any more news. You can also wishlist the game today and just hold on for a short while, and you'll finally step out into the post-apocalyptic world.

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