Here's how to reset passcode on an Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro in front of a blurred press image and a thinking emoji
Credit: Apple

Apple Vision Pro in front of a blurred press image and a thinking emoji
Credit: Apple

After spending a fortune on your Apple Vision Pro, it's a safe bet to assume you don't want to be locked out of it for years, attempting to put in your password that you swore was right over and over again. So, if you're looking to reset your Apple Vision Pro passcode, look no further.

While the Apple Vision Pro reviews don't paint it as the best VR headset on the market, Apple's consistent belief in privacy and security should keep your information safe. But if you've forgotten your passcode to unlock it, you're in for a difficult time resetting it.

How to reset passcode on Apple Vision Pro

The only way to currently reset your passcode is by either taking the Apple Vision Pro or shipping it to an Apple Store. Alternatively, you could become a developer and purchase the $300 USB-C strap too, but all three methods are more painful than usual Apple products.

This information was shared by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, both on Twitter and in his article from Bloomberg itself. Considering that most people breaking the bank by purchasing an Apple Vision Pro likely have another Apple device, we hope that a future software update will let you reset the passcode with another Apple device attached to your Apple ID.

However, if you're currently locked out of your Apple Vision Pro, it's safe to assume you're probably a bit annoyed. Maybe that's another point to Meta in the Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro showdown. Especially considering the fact that Meta is copying one of the main reasons to buy a Vision Pro too.

Considering this is a first generation device, with Apple likely to release numerous versions of the "Spatial Computing" headset in the future (perhaps after the cheaper Apple Vision Pro releases), it was always going to have a fair amount of issues. That being said, it's certainly an annoying one. Anyway, you better start your car and head to that nearby Apple Store again.

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