How to play Xbox Game Pass games on Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 against a backdrop of Xbox games like Halo, Minecraft, and Starfield

The world of virtual reality is an exciting one, and it's only natural that Meta's headsets have drawn the interest of tech enthusiasts. If you dabble in gaming and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, however, you may be wondering how to play Xbox Game Pass games on the Meta Quest 3.

For those unfamiliar, the Xbox Game Pass grants access to a vast catalogue of games for a monthly fee. It's become a popular choice for gamers looking to play the latest and greatest titles, especially with its support for relatively unpopular platforms like the Meta Quest 3.

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How to play Xbox Game Pass games on Meta Quest 3

Enjoying the Game Pass catalogue through the Meta Quest 3 is as simple as following the steps below. It should be noted that you don't need the Meta Quest 3 specifically, as Game Pass also supports the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

  1. Make sure your Meta Quest 3 has the most recent update installed
  2. Sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate if you haven't already
  3. Download the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) app from the Meta Quest Store
  4. Follow the in-app tutorial to pair your controller and headset
    1. Wireless Xbox controllers with Bluetooth support are recommended by Microsoft
  5. Log into your Microsoft / Game Pass account
  6. For best results, make sure you're connected to high-speed Internet

Most excitingly, players aren't limited to virtual reality games. Non-VR games like Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, and others can be played as-is via virtual displays, shown off here.

Effectively, this all means that if a game is currently available on Game Pass, it can be played on the Meta Quest 3 - provided your internet can handle it.

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