Meta Quest 3 headsets are woefully unpopular on PC

A man wearing a Meta Quest 3 vr headset

A man wearing a Meta Quest 3 vr headset

After a few weeks of release, the Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset has finally entered the Steam Hardware Survey. As expected, the new headset is nowhere near as popular as its predecessor on PC, but its popularity is even lower than expected.

The most recent Steam Hardware Survey reports what VR headsets gamers are using on PC. While the Meta Quest 2 headset is the most popular by far, the newest device is even less popular than the now-discontinued Meta Quest Pro.

Via Dexerto, the Meta Quest 3 headset makes up less than a percent of VR headsets used by Steam gamers. While the Meta Quest 2, previously known as the Oculus Quest 2, takes up 39.69% of VR devices on Steam, the new headset makes up just 0.15%.

In comparison, the ill-fated Meta Quest Pro, which cost over $1000 on launch, is the headset of choice for 0.35% of PC gamers. While this number is very low, the headset was also a premium device made for a very specific audience. On the other hand, the Meta Quest 3 is supposed to be the follow-up for its consumer-friendly predecessor.

In order to use the Meta Quest 3 on PC, gamers can either use a USB-C or a wireless Air Link connection. This makes the headset compatible with hundreds of games on Steam outside of the Meta Quest storefront, usually with better graphics as well.

Meta Quest 3 sales have been much lower than expected, especially considering the rampant success of its still-popular predecessor. Following this, supply has been slashed for new headsets by Meta as consumers care little for upgrading to a new device.

Despite this, the new Meta mixed reality headset is a massive improvement over the Quest 2 headset. With massively improved tracking that will improve over time to mixed reality processing that blows other devices out of the water, it is a great device, just not the must-have that its predecessor was.

The Meta Quest 3 is available to purchase now at select retailers.

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