Lies of P Trinity doors – how to find and open them

Lies of P Trinity doors

Lies of P Trinity doors

Are you on the lookout for those Lies of P Trinity doors? Unlocking these doors will reward you with some useful items as well as bits of lore on this reimagining of Pinocchio.

Lies of P takes the story of a wooden boy and puts a spin on it by giving it the soulslike treatment. Due to its gameplay and aesthetic, many have drawn comparisons between Lies of P and the popular PS4 title, Bloodborne.

So let’s go ahead and mark these Lies of P Trinity door locations so you can stay vigilant as you explore the city of Krat. Making your way into these rooms is sure to be helpful on your journey.

Trinity door locations

There are five Trinity doors in the game and they can be found scattered throughout Krat. You can come across them in places such as the Krat Central Station Lobby and the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel.

Here are some more detailed descriptions of where to find these doors.

  • Workshop Union Culvert – Near the place where you met the Cat and Fox hunters, go through a nearby pipe and enter the chamber with three enemies. Pass through the stone-lined passage and you’ll find the first Trinity door.
  • St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel – After reaching the electrified orb trap in the cathedral, climb up the metal ladder and follow the path to the next door.
  • Grand Exhibition Lobby – look for the burning chandelier that’s swinging back and forth and there should be a hole in the floor nearby. Jump down the hole and you’ll find the third Trinity door.
  • Krat Central Station Lobby – This door should be right beside the Central Station Lobby checkpoint. All you need to do is go up the stairs and you should be at the door.
  • Arch Abbey Outer Wall – When you get to the lowest section of this area, you’ll enter a chamber and start fighting a rather formidable enemy. Defeat this foe and the final Trinity door should be just up ahead.

How to open Trinity doors - all riddle answers

Trinity doors will be locked when you find them, therefore you’re going to need the right keys to go through them. To obtain these keys, you’ll need to answer riddles that are delivered to you through ringing public phones.

Just like the doors themselves, you can find these ringing phones scattered throughout Krat. Answer these phones and the King of Riddles will be ready to give you an enigma to solve on the other end.

Here are the answers to each riddle for the Trinity keys:

  • Riddle 1: Human
  • Riddle 2: Candle
  • Riddle 3: Egg
  • Riddle 4: Ergo
  • Riddle 5: Yes

And that’s our guide on the Lies of P Trinity doors. If you’re interested in more soulslike games, you might want to check out Elden Ring or this Bloodborne PS5 mod.

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