Lethal Company Spore Lizard guide

A Spore Lizard being cornered

Visiting abandoned moons to collect scraps for a profit sounds like a fun adventure to be had but it can also be extremely dangerous. You never what type of creatures lurk in these alien worlds, so we’ve come up with this Lethal Company Spore Lizard guide to raise your chances of survival during your journey.

Lethal Company is a co-op survival horror game where your main objective is to collect enough scraps to meet a quote set by the Company. You’ll encounter many different monsters on these excursions, but other things like turrets and radiation may also get in your way.

Spore Lizards in Lethal Company can be quite intimidating when you come across one, so let’s go ahead and find out what you can do to survive this encounter.

Lethal Company players wielding signposts
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How to survive Spore Lizards

The best way to survive a Spore Lizard encounter is to just leave them alone. Despite their horrifying appearance, Spore Lizards are some of the tamest creatures you’ll find in Lethal Company.

Not only will these beasts mind their own business on whatever moon you find them on, but they actually seem to be afraid of humans. Try to approach a Spore Lizard and the first thing it will do is try to run away.

The only time a Spore Lizard will try to attack is if you manage to back it into a corner. So if you don’t pay any attention to this creature, it will leave you alone as well.

How to kill Spore Lizards

Spore Lizards can be disposed of with 3 to 4 good swings from either the shovel or the signpost. These creatures also seem to be susceptible to shock, so the Zap Gun is also an effective weapon against them.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit from killing these creatures at the moment. They don’t drop any sort of loot or rewards and they tend to scurry off when approached.

The only time you may have to raise your weapon against a Spore Lizard is if you’ve inadvertently cornered one and it starts to defend itself. Aside from that, there’s no real reason to chase one down and start attacking it unless you’re some sort of sadist.

And that wraps up our Spore Lizard guide for Lethal Company. For more on the survival horror game, you might also be interested in locating the submarine or learning about hazard levels.

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