How to sell scrap metal in Lethal Company

Lethal Company - man in orange spacesuit stood at a computer terminal
Credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company - man in orange spacesuit stood at a computer terminal
Credit: Zeekerss
December 11, 2023: Find out how to sell scrap metal in Lethal Company using our handy guide packed with information.

Wondering how to sell scrap metal in Lethal Company? The co-op horror game has taken Steam by storm in recent days following its early access release, and selling scrap metal is a crucial part of the gameplay loop.

In Lethal Company, you'll travel to a range of different hostile planets to collect scrap metal for the Company. If you fail to meet the scrap metal quota set by the Company, you'll be terminated. Therefore, it's of the utmost importance that you know how, where, and when to sell your scrap metal.

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Lethal Company - "Ring bell: E", screenshot of the shop counter
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Credit: Zeekerss

How do you sell scrap metal in Lethal Company?

To sell scrap metal in Lethal Company, you'll first have to head to the Company's HQ on the moon, by using the navigation terminal on your ship. Enter the command "moons" into the navigation terminal, then "the company". This will select the moon with the Company's headquarters on it. Type in "confirm" and you'll set a course to the HQ.

Next, start up the ship and fly over to the moon. When you arrive, head straight to the shop counter at the HQ and place your items, including your scrap metal on the counter. After you've done so, ring the bell, and a creature will appear to collect the items. Be careful, as players who get too close will find themselves being eaten by the creature.

After a short wait, you'll receive your pay for the items and scrap metal. It's worth being aware that you can sell scrap metal for different prices, depending on how close it is to the end of the quota. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to horde your scrap metal before selling it on the final day.

Consequently, this comes with the added risk that if you die on one of your missions with all of your scrap metal, you'll likely fail to meet your quota. To prevent this, sell enough scrap to meet your quota, but hang on to the rest before the new period begins.

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