How to respawn in Lethal Company

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In Lethal Company, you'll have to make your way through dangerous abandoned facilities in the hunt to meet your scrap quota. With death coming with costly penalties, you may be wondering whether you can respawn in Lethal Company.

Here, we'll be going through all there is to know about how to respawn and revive your teammates in Lethal Company. We'll also be providing our top tips on what to do if you find one of your crew has been killed. Plus, we've got all the details on whether you can heal in Lethal Company as well.

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Can you respawn in Lethal Company?

While technically yes, you can respawn in Lethal Company, you may have to wait a short time before respawning during a game. In Lethal Company, the only way you can respawn is when your ship goes into orbit: either with your fellow crewmates onboard or after you've all perished.

When your ship goes into orbit, it will also save the game. This means that at the end of any mission, you can call it quits on your session without worrying about your progress being lost.

Until the ship goes back into orbit, you won't be able to respawn, and instead you'll only be able to spectate your friends. Unfortunately, there isn't any other way to respawn. However, the severe consequences of dying help to further heighten the tension in Lethal Company, as well as contributing to the game's unforgiving atmosphere.

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How to revive in Lethal Company

As the only way to respawn in Lethal Company is when the ship goes back into orbit, there is no way of reviving fallen players in Lethal Company. To bring a teammate back to life, you'll have to leave your mission and head back into orbit, but you'll waste time and run the risk of missing your scrap quota.

It's important to note that if you pick up a fallen player's body and bring it back to the ship, you'll not be charged a penalty fee for their death. This isn't worth risking your own life for, but if you stumble across their body along the way then it's certainly worth doing.

Can you heal in Lethal Company?

It's also worth noting that you cannot heal in Lethal Company. If you take any damage, your health will be permanently reduced for the rest of the run. Teamwork is the best chance to ensure survival in Lethal Company; you'll want to protect a team member who has taken a few hits, so you don't need to deal with the busy work of collecting their body later.

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