How to dance in Lethal Company

Lethal Company - three astronauts in orange space suits dancing
Credit: Zeekerss

Lethal Company - three astronauts in orange space suits dancing
Credit: Zeekerss
December 11, 2023: Wondering how to dance in Lethal Company? Check out our guide so you can dominate the dancefloor.

Lethal Company is the latest indie horror game to make it big on Steam. A bit of levity is never a bad thing, so knowing how to dance in Lethal Company can give you a much-needed morale boost when the going gets tough.

In Lethal Company, your job is to explore abandoned facilities and barren wastelands, collecting scrap to meet your quota. You'll have numerous tools to help you, including lights, shovels, walkie-talkies, and stun grenades, whereas some actions like dancing purely serve to heighten your immersion.

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Lethal Company - two spacemen in orange suits looking at the player
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Credit: Zeekerss

How do you dance in Lethal Company?

To dance in Lethal Company, you first need to understand how to emote in-game. Right now, there are two emotes in Lethal Company: Dance and Point. In order to dance, press the "1" key on your keyboard, which will instantly make your character start dancing.

Alternatively, to point, you can press the "2" key on your keyboard, which will have your character point in the direction your camera is facing. If you ever want to cancel your emotes, you can do so by moving around; thankfully you'll never be locked into completing an animation.

As Lethal Company features proximity voice chat, the ability to emote to your fellow players isn't important when it comes to communication. Nevertheless, they're a great way to mess around and relieve some tension, following a rough mission.

That's all there is to know about how to dance in Lethal Company. For more on Lethal Company, why not check out how to increase the server size beyond the default cap of four players? Alternatively, check out our feature on our top seven favourite zombies throughout gaming history.

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