How to use Splint in DayZ

DayZ splint - character in a field

DayZ splint - character in a field

Curing wounds and fractures is one of the most important things in survival games and it is as well in DayZ. But in order to do that, we need a particular item. Let's find out then, how to use a Splint in DayZ and cure our wounds and fractures to survive and fight another day.

Survival games are definitely one of the genres favoured by many. With games such as Rust, where gamers wonder how to remove a door, and how to change character.

But now, let's see how to survive some tough attacks by enemies and use the Splint in DayZ.

How to use a Splint in DayZ

First of all, you need to have a Splint in your inventory, obviously. Once you've found one, equip it and now you should see an option in the bottom-left corner. It should say "fix fracture", select it and then the game will automatically heal your injured character.

This will fix your reduce movement speed, as well as being able to evade enemy attacks quite faster than before. But still, over the course of the wound healing, which is about fifteen minutes, your character still won't sprint or jump. You can climb, at least.

But of course this leads to another problem, how do you find a Splint? Well you can actually craft one, let's see how.

How to craft a Splint in DayZ

First of all, you need three rags and two wooden sticks, but also a roll of bandages and two wooden sticks will do the trick. Combine them together and, in the recipes section, you should see an option to create a Splint. Click it and you will have one in your inventory. Naturally, you might also be able to find one laying around, but chances are it is easier to keep sticks and rags around.

That's all we have for you on how to use a Splint in DayZ. For more info on survival games check out the best mobile games like Rust.

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