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Doors are very useful in the game of Rust, especially for defensive purposes. Yet there may be instances where you would want to remove those doors.

Your reason for removing doors may vary: it could be because you want to upgrade it, but it could also be because you misplaced it in your base.

But regardless, knowing how to remove doors could be an advantage for you. And in some circumstances, it could also be useful.

Here are different ways how to remove doors in Rust:

Remove door manually

Corrosion Hour mentioned that the most basic way to remove a door is by removing it manually.

If the door is made of wood, metal, or armored, as well as a single or double one, it could be removed just by your bare hands. Tap E to open the door, hold it and select unlock.

Hold the E key again after the lock becomes green, and select the pickup lock option.

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Remove door by using hammer

In order to remove a garage or vertical hatch door, you need to use a hammer.

Just do the steps to manually remove the door. But this time, you would do it by using a hammer.

The two ways above are already helpful. But there is still another option. And this is a hot and explosive one.

Remove door by using fire tools and explosives

The last option you could consider to remove doors is through fire tools and explosives.

Weapons like the hatchet can be used to fire-up your door and eventually remove it. Its force and heat can surely do the job.

But if you want a more drastic method, try to use explosives. The likes of Ammos, satchels, and the C4s could be utilized just to remove doors in Rust. Yet upon using those, we don't know what else could be removed/blown-up aside from the door itself.

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