How to upgrade the Steam Deck screen

How to upgrade the Steam Deck screen

How to upgrade the Steam Deck screen

If you are planning to upgrade the Steam Deck screen for better performance and visual quality, you've come to the right place.

Compared to its competitors ASUS ROG Ally and GPD WIN 4, Steam Deck falls short in terms of display. While its 1280 x 800 resolution display is not that bad, you can consider upgrading the screen for a higher resolution or sharper visuals.

In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade the screen of your Steam Deck, so you can enjoy your favourite games with enhanced clarity, vibrant colours, and smooth visuals.

DeckHD will enable 1200p gaming on Steam Deck

Mobile tech company FX Technology has recently announced the introduction of an aftermarket screen replacement for Steam Deck called DeckHD. This innovative offering aims to enhance the visual experience on the Steam Deck even further.

DeckHD boasts an impressive upgrade, featuring a higher resolution of 1920x1200. With this enhancement, you can expect sharper visuals and increased clarity while immersing yourself in your favourite games.

Additionally, the new panels offer a remarkable 30% more AdobeRGB coverage, ensuring better colour accuracy and more vibrant imagery. DeckHD's screen replacement will also sport the same anti-glare coating found in Valve's top-tier Steam Deck model.

How to upgrade the Steam Deck screen

To upgrade the Steam Deck screen, you will need to join the waitlist for the DeckHD. You will be notified once the DeckHD display becomes available.

While pricing details for DeckHD have yet to be released officially, Steam Deck HQ, a reputable source for Steam Deck news, reports that the aftermarket screen replacement is estimated to cost around $100.

it is worth noting that upgrading the screen to a higher resolution might impact the Steam Deck's battery life. Right now, you get about two to eight hours tops, but with a 1200p screen, it is reasonable to expect some significant drain on your battery.

You might need the best power bank for Steam Deck after the upgrade.

How to install the DeckHD screen

Installing the upgraded display for your Steam Deck requires the disassembly of the device, which may not be a task suitable for everyone. It requires a certain level of technical proficiency and should be approached with caution.

However, for dedicated and hardcore gamers who value the highest visual quality and are comfortable with DIY modifications, the effort involved in installing the new display may be well worth it.

It's important to note that disassembling your Steam Deck carries potential risks, such as voiding the warranty or damaging the device if not done correctly.

If you decide to proceed with the installation, it is crucial to follow detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer or seek professional assistance to ensure a successful and safe modification.

In case the idea of disassembling your device and installing an upgraded display seems daunting or risky, you can wait for Steam Deck 2 which comes with a better display and battery.

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