How to refund a game on PS4

How to refund a game on PS4 console on blue background

Sometimes, even the most careful purchase might end up backfiring. Perhaps the game is not exactly how we wanted, perhaps there are too many bugs or we just can't find anyone to play with and our Discord chat is silent. So, how to refund a game on PS4?

We would not advise going as far as to donate your console, just try to get your money back on that wrong purchase and you should be good to go.

But still, with Sony's policy being quite strict, let's look at cases in which you can request a refund on your PS4 game.

How to refund a game on PS4

It is indeed possible to request a refund of a Ps4 game, but this comes with one big caveat: if you've downloaded the game already, then you won't be refunded anymore.

If you want to request a refund for a game on PS4 you'll have to contact PlayStation support.

First, you'll get asked some questions about the purchase from a chatbot, then - if you fit the criteria - you'll be able to chat with a PlayStation representative, so have all the details about the payment method you originally used on hand. After that, the representative should green-light the refund on the same purchase method you used originally.

But, as mentioned, this only applies to a game (or a movie) that you've bought but not downloaded, so it works fine for pre-orders but for all other cases? You might be out of luck, so perhaps you might want to disable automatic downloads.

How to disable automatic downloads

This is a good option, just in case you've been unsure if to preorder a game or bought something on sale only to then regret it. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to the options page of your Ps4 and select "Settings";
  • Go down to "System";
  • You should find "Automatic Downloads" among the first options, select it;
  • Turn off "Application Update Files"

This prevents your PS4 from automatically starting to download updates and preloading games, so you can decide to refund your purchase until the very last minute.

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