How to play GTA RP on Xbox

How to play GTA Rp on Xbox character holding rifle

How to play GTA Rp on Xbox character holding rifle

Getting into the world of roleplay in gaming can be fascinating but also slightly confusing. How does one even begin? What if you're trying to learn how to play GTA RP on Xbox? We are here to guide you.

Roleplaying, as a hobby, predates even video games, with people pretending they are living the life of knights of wizards for decades before the first video game ever appeared. But with video games, it started to get a different meaning.

So, let's try to look at how to play GTA RP on Xbox and what to do to get in-game and start role playing.

How to play GTA RP on Xbox

To play GTA RP on Xbox, you have to select a server first and don't worry, as it is an entirely free experience. While there are no specific communities for Xbox (or other consoles), you can just join one and see or even create your own personal community.

This is just a small selection of the most popular servers for roleplaying GTA, which are also good for beginners:

  • Subversion
  • Project Phoenix
  • Department of Justice
  • NoPixel

Once you have joined a server, you must send an application specifying what kind of character you would like to roleplay as. You might, then, get asked some questions by the server administrator, who then will decide if they'll accept you. Once you're in, that's it!

How to download GTA RP mods

Unfortunately, you can't download RP mods on Xbox.

Generally, each community will require that the player download a mod appropriate to that server's rules and regulations. Generally, the one GTA RP mod you want to get familiar with is FiveM. It is just a matter of downloading, following this link, and installing it.

Keep in mind, the installation recommends disabling your antivirus before you even start the whole process, as it can interfere with the installation. Also, ensure you have the latest version of the base GTA V installed on your PC. After that, just run it from the Windows Start menu.

That is all you need to know to enjoy GTA RP on Xbox, but for more information on the game, check out our other guides, such as how to install GTA V mods on Steam Deck and how to fix the GTA Critical error.

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