Lethal Company - Bracken the tentacle monster

How to deal with the Lethal Company Bracken tentacle monster - player inside an office

How to deal with the Lethal Company Bracken tentacle monster - player inside an office

Having trouble dealing with the Lethal Company Bracken tentacle monster? Unfortunately, this monster is going to hunt you down easily, so what should you do? Is it worth to stand your ground and fight? We will help you figure out what to do.

Bracken is also often known as the Flower Man, but there is nothing beautiful about his monster. With its glowing red eyes, meeting it in the dark will definitely make you rethink your life options. It is one of the toughest monsters in the game, for sure.

So, which are your options about dealing with the Bracken tentacle monster in Lethal Company? Well, there are several of them, so let’s go ahead and see what you could do.

How to kill the Lethal Company Bracken

Teamwork is definitely the way to go around killing the tentacle monster. First, the tentacle monster needs to be stunned, you can use a zap gun or even a grenade. While the monster is stunned, another from your team can go ahead and attack it with a shovel. Bum, done.

But, you'd better be quick since the Bracken will only stay stunned for a short period of time, more or less around five seconds. That shovel hit gotta be quick then, otherwise it will wake up and then you have to either stun it again or just retreat to a safe place.

Naturally, one hit from the shovel is not enough to get rid of this powerful enemy, you will need around five of them. Be sure there's enough time.

How to avoid the Lethal Company tentacle monster

It might happen that you encounter this monster while you don't have any grenades or a zap gun. What to do now? Luckily, it can be escaped. If you stare straight at them, they won't like it and run away. That's your chance to avoid them.

Be careful though, since staring at those monsters for too long will, instead, provoke them and they will attack.

That's all you need to know about the Bracken. For more tips and tricks on Lethal Company check out our guides on how to sell scrap metal and how to increase the server size.

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