How to attach PS5 Slim removable disc drive

PS5 Slim removable disc drive

PS5 Slim removable disc drive

Want to know how to attach the PS5 Slim removable disc drive? The PlayStation 5 is getting Sony’s mid-generation traditional console makeover by cutting down on its size. However, the Digital Edition of the new PS5 is getting an added feature: the ability to attach a Blu-ray disc drive.

This is great for those who are undecided on which version of the PS5 to get. Getting a PS5 Slim Digital Edition will save you from having to buy an entirely new console if you ever change your mind about collecting physical copies of your favourite games.

So, let’s go ahead and figure out how to attach the PS5 removable disc drive and get back to using those CDs. You can also check out the PS5 Slim release date, plus how much it costs.

Update: The PS5 Slim is here! We've listed where you can buy it below.

How to attach the removable disc drive to the PS5 Slim

To attach the removable disc drive to the PS5 Slim, you simply need to snap it onto the side. There haven’t been too many details on this process just yet, but here’s how it might look based on images that were released with the console’s announcement:

  • Remove the PS5 Slim Digital Edition cover panel.
  • Secure the disc drive onto the console.
  • Attach the new cover panel over the disc drive.

It’s a simple enough process, since making it too complicated may discourage potential buyers from getting the Digital Edition. We’ll be sure to update this guide once Sony releases more information.

Where can you get the detachable disc drive for PS5 Slim?

You can purchase the removable Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive for the PS5 from any store that sells official Sony PlayStation items. It will cost you an additional $79.99.

When you take into account the PS5 Slim Digital Edition’s new price point, you do end up spending more money if you buy the console and disc drive separately rather than just getting the standard edition console.

And that wraps up our guide on how to attach the PS5 Slim removable disc drive. For more information on Sony’s latest console redesign, feel free to check out the PS5 Slim vs regular differences!

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