Hogwarts Legacy money glitch - get 6000 Galleons in one go

Hogwarts Legacy money glitch - get 6000 Galleons in one go

Hogwarts Legacy money glitch - get 6000 Galleons in one go

Players have discovered a fascinating Hogwarts Legacy money glitch.

Money glitches have become a common occurrence in video games. Not limited to just Hogwarts Legacy, these glitches have been found in popular titles such as Dead space remake, Need for Speed: Unbound and Warzone DMZ.

In this article, we'll take a look at how to take advantage of this glitch and get rich quickly in Hogwarts Legacy. So, let's get right into it!

How to exploit the Hogwarts Legacy money glitch

In the world of video gaming, glitches are often a source of frustration for players. Lag and stuttering in Hogwarts Legacy as well as the crashing can disrupt the flow of gameplay and take away from the overall gaming experience.

However, sometimes glitches can also bring unexpected benefits to players. Such is the case with the recently discovered money glitch in Hogwarts Legacy. This glitch allows players to accumulate huge amounts of in-game currency quickly.

Here are the steps you need to take to take advantage of the Hogwarts Legacy money glitch and get unlimited gold:

  • First, complete the ‘Secret of the Restricted Section’ quest to unlock the Disillusionment spell charm which allows you to turn invisible.
  • Once you’ve acquired the spell, look out for those white chests with the eyeball on the top that can’t be opened with spells and lock when you get close.
  • When you find one, move out of the chest’s line of sight and cast the Disillusionment spell to make yourself invisible, and then sneak back to the chest to open it. 500 Galleons is guaranteed.

If you want to make 6000 Galleons in one go, visit Hogsmeade and hunt down the 12 chests spread around the map.

Use the same trick mentioned above to collect 500 Galleons in all 12 chests. You can then use this in-game currency to change your character's look or buy items like Mandrake.

The Hogwarts Legacy money glitch will be fixed soon

It is likely that the money glitch in the Hogwarts Legacy will be fixed by the devs with the day 1 patch which will be released on February 10.

So, it's best to take advantage of the money glitch while it's possible, as there's no guarantee that it will be around for long.

Along with the said glitch, we can hope the devs patch other common issues in the game such as the blue character bug and the "out of video memory" error.

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