When Is the Next Gray Zone Warfare Wipe?

Gray Zone Warfare wipe: A first-person image of a player holding a rifle at the ready in a cluttered interior, with a teammate at the end of the hall.
Credit: MADFINGER Games.

Gray Zone Warfare wipe: A first-person image of a player holding a rifle at the ready in a cluttered interior, with a teammate at the end of the hall.
Credit: MADFINGER Games.

Like its competitor Escape From Tarkov, Gray Zone Warfare features a server wipe mechanic to restore the balance every now and then. Plus, it also gives you a reason to drop back in to start stockpiling gear all over again. However, Gray Zone Warfare wipes are even more important than you might imagine as they tie into the game’s factions mechanic. As such, it’s crucial that you know when the next Gray Zone Warfare wipe is coming.

While Gray Zone Warfare offers PvE for $200 cheaper than EFT, you’ll still want the best loot for each reset as this mil-sim also adds real players into the mix. So, whether you’re wondering if it’s worth scrounging up some last-minute loot, putting everything on the line before reset, or simply wanting to change your Gray Zone Warfare faction, GZW wipes are key to the experience.

When is the next Gray Zone Warfare wipe?

Gray Zone Warfare wipes happen “every few months” as the in-game notice confirms. This places the first GZW wipe likely in July 2024, three months after launch. This is important as, once you’ve picked your faction, you can’t switch sides until the next game reset.

Each Gray Zone Warfare wipe is expected to reset your progression, removing any weapons and gear you might have acquired until that point. Though this might sound frustrating, it stops players from stockpiling the best equipment by putting everyone on an even playing field every so often. It’s also a great opportunity for the developer to tweak certain features like gear distribution and balancing as all players will start from square one after the server reset.

Gray Zone Warfare wipe: A screenshot showing the faction selection screen, with a soldier blurred in the background. In the bottom left corner is a small notice about the in-game server wipes/
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Credit: Screenshot taken by Stealth Optional. MADFINGER Games.

It’s worth noting that Escape From Tarkov wipes occur roughly every six months - which is substantially longer than the Gray Zone Warfare wipe cadence is expected to be. Given resets are your only opportunity to change your faction in Gray Zone, which in turn affects who you can play with, it makes sense that Gray Zone Warfare would feature a shorter, more regular wipe schedule. After all, you don’t want to wait a staggering six months to play with your friends just because you mistakenly chose different factions when you started playing.

So, scrounge up as much gear as you can before the next server wipe, but most importantly, get to grips with the core mechanics of the game first if you're new to the genre. Since your progress will be wiped regularly, there’s a much greater emphasis on game knowledge over loot if you want to come out on top. It’s not like they can wipe your memory…

Well, that’s when you can expect the next Gray Zone Warfare wipe. Learn the ropes of this strategic mil-sim and start hunting down the best equipment out there. Just don’t hold onto it so tightly that you never end up using it. Use it or lose it, as the saying goes. Take a look at the best FPS games if you're looking for another game to add to your collection.

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