Is Gray Zone Warfare PvE?

Gray Zone Warfare PvE: Three soldiers running forward through a tropical environment with weapons at the ready while a helicopter flies away in the distance.
Credit: MADFINGER Games.

Gray Zone Warfare PvE: Three soldiers running forward through a tropical environment with weapons at the ready while a helicopter flies away in the distance.
Credit: MADFINGER Games.

Packing hardcore military-sim elements, it’s only natural to wonder how far the Gray Zone Warfare PvE and PvP features go. At the end of the day, it is an intentionally challenging extraction shooter. You’re supposed to die and lose all your hard-earned gear from time to time, as much as it often hurts when it happens to you.

So, whether you’re hoping to play Gray Zone Warfare PvE exclusively or are hungry to hunt down other players in PvP, here’s what you need to know about the FPS’ main modes. If you’re unsure if Gray Zone is for you, then this could be the deciding factor. Before heading in, be sure to learn about the Gray Zone Warfare factions first, which is particularly important if you’re planning on playing with friends.

Is Gray Zone Warfare PvE?

Gray Zone Warfare is primarily a PvEvP shooter. However, there are two core mores: Warfare and Joint Operations. While Warfare is the traditional PvEvP mode where you will encounter both AI enemies and other players, Joint Operations is an exclusively PvE experience. This means that if you don’t want to play against other players and would rather play Gray Zone PvE, then Joint Operations is the mode for you.

The Warfare mode is the full experience the game has to offer, pitting you against AI and players. Whether those players will be an enemy or an ally depends largely on who you happen to run into. From personal experience, most players in Warfare prefer to shoot and ask questions later. So, if you come across another player or even a squad while completing missions and scavenging, be very careful - they might be eyeing up your loot.

Gray Zone Warfare PvE: The game mode selection menu, with a soldier standing holding a weapon at the ready in a military camp based in a tropical environment.
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Credit: Screenshot taken by Stealth Optional. MADFINGER Games.
You can choose Warfare or Joint Operations right from the main menu.

Joint Operations, on the other hand, is a much more relaxed experience - though that’s not to say it’s relaxing given the intense gameplay mechanics. However, by removing PvP entirely and focusing on the PvE elements, you’ve certainly got a lot less to worry about in Gray Zone’s Joint Operations. There are still other players in this mode, but they can’t damage or kill you. This means that you’re much more likely to run into allies, or at least pass by each other while you’re minding your own business.

Can you play Gray Zone Warfare solo?

You can play both Gray Zone Warfare modes entirely solo simply by deploying into a match by yourself, without other players in your squad. However, given it’s a tactical FPS all about finding the best gear and trying to stay alive, it is a significantly harder experience solo, especially in the PvEvP Warfare mode.

Since the Warfare mode has PvP aspects, there’s a chance that you will run into a group of enemy players and be outnumbered, making it very hard to come out on top - although possible if you’re skilled enough. Because of this, if you’re playing solo, it’s best to either accept the risk of playing Warfare by yourself, or playing the PvE Joint Operations mode instead.

Thanks to the Gray Zone Warfare wipe mechanic, it’s almost not that big of a deal if you’re late to the game. Every few months, the servers are wiped, so even the veteran players are sent back to square one.

That’s all there is to know about Gray Zone Warfare PvE, PvP, and whether it’s the right game for you if you’re playing solo. To make surviving the harsh wilds of Lamang a little easier, check out all the important POIs on the Gray Zone Warfare map and how to level up in Gray Zone.

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