Foxhole Naval Warfare release date and details

Battleship in Foxhole Naval Warfare

Battleship in Foxhole Naval Warfare

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The seas are no longer safe from Foxhole’s persistent online war as the massively multiplayer game’s next major update is set to expand the battlefield. In this guide, we’ll be providing you with details on the Foxhole Naval Warfare release date to help you prepare for this new mode of combat.

In Foxhole Naval Warfare, players can team up with others to man a variety of battleships as the war between the Colonials and the Wardens rages on. The update will also come with some strategic islands and offshore oil rigs that these vessels can fight for.

So, let’s take a look at the Foxhole Naval Warfare release date to see how long you need to wait before you can start commencing coastal invasions.

Foxhole Naval Warfare release date

The Foxhole Naval Warfare update is set to go live on October 26, 2023. There is also a pre-patch and test war scheduled for October 23 to help the update go smoothly on the 26th.

The developers behind Foxhole believe that the game should only be paid for once, so Naval Warfare will be a free update. There’s no DLC to be purchased, so all you need to do is wait for the patch to go live.

For any changes or announcements regarding Naval Warfare, you can check out the official Foxhole website, their Discord server, or their official X page.

Foxhole Naval Warfare platforms

Foxhole is currently only supported on Windows PCs. The developer has expressed interest in expanding to other platforms like Mac, Linux, and consoles, but there has been no update on that subject as of late.

You can purchase this massively multiplayer online war simulator through Steam. You should get a prompt for the update as soon as the patch becomes available.

Foxhole Naval Warfare trailer

While naval combat is the main focus of Foxhole’s Naval Warfare update, the game will also be getting some upgrades to logistics forces and brand-new field weapon mechanics. You can take a look at these things in action through the announcement trailer below:

And that wraps up our guide on the Foxhole Naval Warfare release date. While you’re here, feel free to read up on other war-themed games like Arma 4 or Hearts of Iron 4!

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