Arma 4 release date - when is it coming out?

Arma 4 release date - soldier in grass

Arma 4 release date - soldier in grass

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Finally, we have a confirmation. Last May, Czech developer Bohemia Interactive has officially confirmed what we all thought: the fourth chapter in their Armed Assault (or Arma) series is coming. But what about the Arma 4 release date? When is it coming out?

The third chapter is still one of the most exciting tactical shooters created. Not to forget the many DLC packs and an extensive array of mods which made it even better. Arma 3 is definitely one beloved title all around.

So, time for Bohemia Interactive to make it even better, giving fans a fourth title for PC and consoles. But when? Let's speculate and see what we know so we can come to a conclusion about Arma 4 release date and find out.

When is Arma 4 going to be released?

As for now, the release date still appears to be a distant prospect. We would say that Arma 4 is going to be released around mid to late 2024. That is based on what the studio themselves said recently, since there are no official information about the release date so far.

Recently, Bohemia released Arma Reforger, a title that they said is going to be "a test ground for the new engine and Arma 4's playability". Based on that, it is going to take a while for them to collect enough data to use in the fourth chapter. We would say at least a year of feedback would be required, plus the time to develop and improve the game.

Arma 4 trailer

While there is no official trailer yet, but only the confirmation from Bohemia that they are indeed working on a fourth chapter, we do have a trailer detailing the road to the fourth chapter.

In the meantime, Arma Reforged is surely a great way to fill the void while waiting for the fourth chapter in the series. It also features some quite interesting multiplayer which is going to keep fans satisfied.

That's all we have for you on the Arma 4 release date. For tips and tricks on other strategic war games, check out our guides on Hearts of Iron 4 navy guide and Crusdaer Kings 3 cheat codes.

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