Final Fantasy 16 release date, gameplay, story - here’s what you need to know

final fantasy 16 release date gameplay story
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy 16 release date gameplay story
Credit: Square Enix

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Final Fantasy 16 will be coming out soon and fans want to know everything about the release date, gameplay, and story. Everything we’ve seen about the game looks great and it looks like this is going to be a worthwhile PlayStation 5 exclusive.

With the highly-anticipated JRPG finally making its way to fans, people want to make sure they aren’t left out when this game comes out. Thankfully, players won’t have to play the past 15 games in the series, as each instalment acts as a standalone story.

So, here’s what we know about the Final Fantasy 16 release date, gameplay, and story. Is it going to be the game everyone wants it to be? Or will it just be another decent game in a franchise that was all about prestige?

When is the Final Fantasy 16 release date?

PS5 owners won’t have to wait long to get their hands on this game, as the Final Fantasy 16 release date is June 22, 2023. This JRPG has been in development for a fairly long time and Square Enix is pretty confident about its quality, possibly releasing it without a Day One patch.

Announced back in September 2020, fans have waited a decent amount for this game, though not too long. Fans will remember how Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced way back in 2015 and went through some development troubles, though it turned out great in the end.

We’re pretty thankful that the Final Fantasy 16 release date is so soon, so we can all see what a next-gen Final Fantasy looks like. It also helps that the game has gone back to its medieval fantasy roots, which hasn’t been the case since Final Fantasy 9 and, arguably, Final Fantasy 14.

What is the Final Fantasy 16 story?

The Final Fantasy 16 story revolves around Clive, who starts the game as a 15-year-old boy and later becomes a bitter man looking for revenge. It also takes classic aspects of the series and twists them into a unique narrative, particularly, the summons, which now act as major political weapons.

Clive was expected to inherit the Phoenix and be its Dominant, a new term for the summoner in this entry. However, his younger brother Joshua ends up inheriting the Phoenix, with Clive dedicating his life to protecting his younger brother. However, tragedy strikes and Clive sets out to get his revenge.

While it’s set to be a downer of a story, Clive won’t be alone in the Final Fantasy 16 story. His party will consist of Torgal, the best dog ever, Jill Warrick, and Cidolfus Telamon, one of the best Cids we’ve seen in a Final Fantasy.

How is the Final Fantasy 16 gameplay?

Despite being more story-driven than ever, the Final Fantasy 16 gameplay is set to be filled with action. The series has been moving away from turn-based battles and this seems to be the biggest departure yet, with combos and assists reminiscent of Marvel vs Capcom.

Similar to action games like Devil May Cry, Clive will face most enemies alone with his weapons, though he can call in his allies for assists. Combat is expected to be a major focus in this game, to the point that post-game material has an “arcade mode” for players to partake in.

Overall, the gameplay of Final Fantasy 16 looks incredibly fun and we can’t wait to get our hands on this PS5 exclusive. Hopefully, the game translates all of its good traits when it inevitably comes to PC, though fans will want to wait for a few patches.

That’s all we know about the Final Fantasy 16 release date, story, and gameplay. For more on Final Fantasy 16, here's why the game wouldn't exist without the PlayStation 5 and why it has a weird framerate.

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