Enshrouded vs Palworld - which is best?

Enshrouded vs Palworld - characters of both games preparing to fight
Credit: Keen Games / Pocket Pair Inc

Enshrouded vs Palworld - characters of both games preparing to fight
Credit: Keen Games / Pocket Pair Inc

If you're thinking of playing a new survival game right now, you're probably stuck between Enshrouded and Palworld. Both games were released around the same time, with Palworld coming out slightly before Enshrouded.

Choosing between Enshrouded and Palworld depends on your preferences in the survival crafting genre. In this Enshrouded vs Palworld guide, we'll compare the games so you can decide which one is perfect for you.

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Should you play Enshrouded or Palworld?

While both Enshrouded and Palworld are survival games where you fend for yourself and beat up your enemies, there are quite a few differences between them, as evident from the in-game images. Enshrouded seems more gritty, rustic, and realistic, while Palworld might be about collecting cute pets. Cute pets with guns, of course.

So, these games are both pretty awesome, right? But let's break them down and compare some of their aspects to help you figure out which one suits your gaming vibe better.

Gameplay Focus

In Enshrouded, the gameplay is focused on a combination of building, exploration, and action-adventure. Players can terraform the world, undertake quests, and delve into dungeons. The game leans towards an RPG experience with a skill tree and class building.

Meanwhile, Palworld centralises around collecting creatures called Pals, base-building, and open-world exploration. The gameplay is more casual and leans towards the novelty of combining Pokemon-like elements with survival crafting.


Enshrouded features a subtle narrative and quests that provide guidance and lore. Collectible books scattered throughout Embervale contribute to worldbuilding, and players encounter various characters on their journey.

Palworld on the other hand offers minimal narrative and instruction, dropping players into the world with the primary goal of capturing Pals and building a base. The focus is more on the collecting aspect rather than a deep, overarching story.

Visuals and Atmosphere

Enshrouded offers visually impressive medieval landscapes with a mix of magic and whimsy, plus rustic buildings and gear to fit the vibe. It delivers a more serious tone with challenging environments, such as the Shroud mechanic that players need to avoid.

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Meanwhile, Palworld has a cutesy art style, featuring a jankier and more fun atmosphere. The game doesn't take itself too seriously, allowing players to enjoy the novelty of Pokemon with guns.


Using a robust RPG system, Enshrouded features a skill tree offering 12 different paths for players to choose from. Progression involves character classes, skills, and upgrades. Palworld relies on levelling up to unlock better stations for the base and stronger Pals. The progression is tied to capturing and upgrading Pals, with less emphasis on deep RPG elements.

Base Building and Exploration

With a voxel-based building system, Enshrouded allows players to alter the environment through landscaping tools. Even in early access, Enshrouded provides fast travel and landscaping tools for terraforming.

On the other hand, while Palworld features base-building mechanics, the primary focus is on unlocking stations for your base to facilitate the interaction with captured Pals. It has room for improvement in exploration features, as fast travel is limited to specific statuses.

Palworld Pal
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Enshrouded vs Palworld - Which is better?

Both games offer unique features, and their early access status suggests future updates and improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience. While Palworld has garnered massive attention for being reminiscent of Pokemon and is breaking sales records to become a culturally notable game, Enshrouded is likely to be remembered as a solid game in the traditional survival crafting experience genre.

While both games have their merits, personally, Palworld's aesthetic appeal and its innovative take on the monster-battler genre make it my preferred choice. Integrating Pokemon-like qualities with unconventional elements like guns lends a sense of novelty to the game. Despite its playful atmosphere, the open world of Palworld manages to maintain a level of sophistication, one where you can spend hours and forget what time it is.

However, choosing between Enshrouded and Palworld ultimately depends on your preferences within the survival crafting genre. Enshrouded caters to those seeking a more structured RPG-focused experience, while Palworld appeals to players who enjoy the novelty of collecting adorable creatures in a less serious setting.

That's all for our Enshrouded vs Palworld guide. Hopefully, now you know which survival game you should play! For more guides, feel free to check out how to get Spell Charges and how to craft the Glider in Enshrouded.

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