How to get Resin in Enshrouded

Enshrouded world

Enshrouded world

Wondering where to find Resin in Enshrouded? The latest RPG survival title, Enshrouded, is filled to the brim with a variety of resources, and one of them is Resin. You will need to locate Resin during the early stages to craft a range of decorative items, weapons, and armour.

Therefore, knowing where to obtain Resin in abundance will give you a significant advantage as you embark on the adventurous journey in Enshrouded. So, we've got you covered with this comprehensive guide to help you farm a ton of Resin in Enshrouded.

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Where to find Resin in Enshrouded

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While there are multiple ways to obtain Resin in Enshrouded, the most efficient method is by cutting down trees, especially the medium or large ones. These specific trees, with plenty of orange leaves on their branches, are almost guaranteed to provide you with resin.

However, to chop down trees, you will need a basic axe which you can craft using the following materials:

  • x4 Twigs: Loot green bushes
  • x1 Stone: Found in grass or can be mined with a pickaxe
  • x1 String: Crafted using Plant Fibers

Once you've got all the necessary materials, head to your crafting menu and find the axe option. Craft one, and now you're ready to start chopping down trees to collect resin. Additionally, you can explore abandoned camps and open chests and crates, but keep in mind it's a bit hit or miss since they won't always contain resin.

What is Resin used for in Enshrouded?

As we mentioned before, Resin comes in handy for creating various things like decorative items, weapons, and armour. This includes stuff like candlesticks, torches, and even a snazzy Alchemist Apprentice Set of armour.

To make the full armour set, you'll need a total of ten pieces of Resin. And if that's not enough, you can also whip up some Wisps Of Light using resin, which summons a little light wisp to tag along with you while you're exploring Enshrouded's world.

That's all for our guide on how to get Resin in Enshrouded. Hopefully, you'll have a better idea of where to find this material.

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