How to join a Content Warning game

Content Warning player standing in front of lasers
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Content Warning player standing in front of lasers
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Knowing how to join a game in Content Warning is a surefire way for players to join forces to make a name for themselves on SpookTube.

With the help of a camera and a few basic tools, you are supposed to run wild in this chaotic world. The game in a lot of ways resembles Lethal Company. It is based on the same foundation.

Spooky, scary, and horrifying are just a few words that can describe this experience. To make the most out of your gameplay, it is best if you play with your friends. In case you don’t know how, we've got everything you need to know in this handy guide.

How to join a Content Warning game

Here are a few ways you can join a game in Content Warning:

Joining random matches

Like every online multiplayer game, Content Warning also houses random matchmaking features. This allows solo players to enter the runs with players from around the world. No matter how great the idea of socializing may seem, it comes with a few disadvantages.

Every run lasts a total of three days, this becomes a great issue as you can never complete it without forming a lobby with the other three players. Every time you queue for a random match, you will eventually start from the beginning. This starts to happen after a few trial matches, so use your time carefully.

Players have often reported a problem during the start of random matches. Every time they queue up, they face a “Maximum Size” error. This error isn’t a huge issue as it goes away after a few attempts.

Playing with friends

Playing with friends is always a great time. To play the game with your buddy, one of you must host the game and sacrifice one of your three save slots. When one of you hosts the lobby, you will find a machine after launching into the game. Approach this machine and invite your friends. This will open up the Steam menu from where you can send invites.

You can invite your friends when playing with randoms as well. Head over to the machine and follow the same process. To invite your friends during a game, press Escape and invite friends from the “main menu”.

If a player leaves during the game, the host is responsible for loading the game. Without the host present, all progress will be lost.

How to host Content Warning game

At the main screen, select the “Play With Friends” option. Select one of the three save slots, this will launch the game. You can invite friends from the machine or you can invite them from your Steam friends list. Now it’s up to your friends to accept or decline the invite.

If you are the host, you are responsible for the save slot meaning it will be your duty to start the game from where you left off. If you need a step-by-step procedure, you can look at How to Host a Game in Content Warning.

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