Cities: Skylines 2 shelters – how to get food to shelters

Cities Skylines 2 shelters

Cities Skylines 2 shelters

In the first Cities: Skylines game, the inhabitants of your city can evacuate to shelters in the Natural Disasters DLC. We’ve seen hints of a weather system in the upcoming sequel, so Cities: Skylines 2 shelters are very likely to be a thing.

There’s plenty to do in Cities: Skylines 2 like setting up the city’s internet services and planning out its transportation system, but the health and safety of your citizens should always be a top concern.

You never know when disaster might strike, so be sure to keep your Cities: Skylines 2 shelters stocked up on food with the help of this guide.

How to get food to shelters in Cities: Skylines 2

Shelters need a steady supply of food to function properly. Even when there are no evacuees present in the shelter, the food stored in it will slowly be depleted.

A shelter’s food supply will mainly depend on two factors – the presence of nearby generic industries and road access to the shelter.

Generic industries

When you put up an industry in Cities: Skylines, it will be classified as generic by default. It’s important to keep a few generic industries present in your city since they’re the only ones that deliver food to shelters.

You can revert an industry to a generic one by clicking on the “No Industrial Specialization” button in the specialization menu.

Road access

Once your generic industries are all set up, their delivery vans will start making rounds to either pick up resources or drop off goods at various points on the map. Make sure these vans have access to roads that take them to your shelters so that they can drop off goods that will be added to their food supplies.

What do shelters need to work in Cities: Skylines 2?

Other than food, shelters also require power and water to function. Supplying shelters with these resources is much more straightforward since all you need to do is connect them to your power grid and water supply the same way you would any other building.

Shelters have two variations in Cities: Skylines, small and large. Small shelters are capable of holding 1000 evacuees, while large shelters can have up to 10000 people. Both variations require the same type of resources for their upkeep.

And that wraps up our guide on Cities: Skylines 2 shelters. If you lack the funding to put up more industries for these shelters, check out our guide on how to take out loans in the upcoming city builder!

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