Can you use the PlayStation Portal away from home?

use PlayStation Portal away from home - An image of a person playing a game on PS Portal

use PlayStation Portal away from home - An image of a person playing a game on PS Portal

Sony's Project Q, officially known as PlayStation Portal, is finally here and is somehow already a success, thanks to Japan. Amidst the growing interest, a common question emerges among potential buyers: Can you use PlayStation Portal away from home?

While the PlayStation Portal may not be the standalone successor to the PSP that many fans were hoping for, given it needs a PS5 to function, the ability to play PS5 games remotely still offers a unique and appealing aspect. But can it be used effectively outside the home?

This guide aims to address this query, providing a detailed look into the PlayStation Portal's capabilities, requirements, and the practical aspects of using it outside the confines of your home.

Can you use the PlayStation Portal away from home?

Yes, it is possible to use the PlayStation Portal anywhere away from home, but the quality of the experience is heavily dependent on the quality of internet connections at both ends (the PS5 and the Portal).

Here is a video of a person enjoying the PS Portal while on the go:

Ideally, you'd want the upload speed to be at least 15 Mbps, but higher is better, especially for games with high-resolution graphics and fast action. Meanwhile, the PS Portal needs at least 15-25 Mbps download speed to receive the streamed game data.

Even if your internet speed meets the necessary requirements, you might still experience lag and latency issues. However, we are hopeful that these problems will be a thing of the past when Sony launches cloud gaming support for the PS Portal.

What are the use cases of PlayStation Portal?

The PlayStation Portal is especially useful in shared living spaces or family settings. For instance, if someone is using the TV to which your PS5 is connected, the Portal allows you to continue gaming without interrupting their TV usage.

Additionally, if you're often away from home but still want to access your PS5 games, and you have access to a reliable high-speed internet connection while on the go, the PlayStation Portal can be a great asset.

Furthermore, the PlayStation Portal offers the comfort of gaming in various locations within your home, such as lying in bed or relaxing on your couch. It provides a convenient way to enjoy your PS5 games in different settings.

And that covers everything about the portability of the PlayStation Portal. While you are here, make sure you familiarise yourself with the battery life and the touchpad of the PS Portal.

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