Does the PS Portal support cloud gaming?

PS Portal cloud gaming - An image of the PlayStation Portal

PS Portal cloud gaming - An image of the PlayStation Portal

Sony's latest innovation, the PlayStation Portal, initially known as Project Q, is finally available for purchase. However, one pivotal question on the minds of potential buyers and tech aficionados alike is: Does the PS Portal support cloud gaming?

The PS Portal is designed as a device that lets you stream games from your PS5. It's a lot like cloud gaming, but instead of using a cloud server, it streams games directly from your PS5. So, does that mean the PS Portal can technically support cloud gaming?

Although you can use PlayStation Portal away from home, it comes with a requirement: your PS5 must always be in rest mode. This is where cloud gaming could offer a significant advantage. So, let's now explore the possibilities of it.

Does the PS Portal support cloud gaming?

As of now, the PS Portal does not support cloud gaming. However, Hideaki Nishino, Senior VP of Platform Experience at PlayStation, hinted at the potential addition of handheld cloud streaming capabilities in the future.

In a recent interview with AV Watch, Nishino expressed a careful approach towards integrating cloud gaming into the PS Portal. The company's primary focus is to guarantee an uninterrupted and high-quality gameplay experience for Portal users.

It looks like Sony is taking its time, making sure its cloud streaming infrastructure is stable enough to bring it to the PS Portal. This way, they can ensure that Portal users enjoy a seamless gaming experience, free from disruptions, lag and technical hiccups.

PlayStation Plus Premium subscription may be required for PS Portal cloud gaming

In October 2023, Sony launched cloud gaming for the PS5, enabling players to enjoy PS5 games via cloud technology. This feature, however, was made available exclusively to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

Given that the PS Portal is designed as a companion to the PS5, it's reasonable to suggest that a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription could also be necessary to access cloud gaming on the PS Portal.

And that covers everything we know about PS Portal cloud gaming. While you are here, don't miss the opportunity to also check out the best PlayStation Portal accessories.

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