The best mobile games like Call of Duty

Best mobile games like Call of Duty - characters with rifles standing around

Best mobile games like Call of Duty - characters with rifles standing around

Sometimes you’d like to bring your shooter action on the go, but which games are definitely worth your time? We'll save you time and help you find the best mobile games like Call of Duty. Any time you want to delve into some action, it’ll be ready to go.

Call of Duty is a classic FPS war series and, over time, has hit pretty much ever console under the sun, along with handheld devices such as the PSP and PS Vita.

But those consoles are sadly gone now, so we need some fresh blood. We'll delve into the best mobile games that play similarly to Call of Duty, and see which ones are worth your time.

Best mobile games like Call of Duty

Some of the best mobile games similar to Call of Duty are ones like Modern Combat 5, Standoff 2, and Combat Master Mobile. Of course, Call of Duty also has an official mobile title as well. Now, let’s look at them in a bit more detail.

Combat Master Mobile

Playing like a very close cousin to Call of Duty Mobile, Combat Master Mobile does offer quite a lot of interesting content. For example, it hosts multiplayer modes such as battle royale, quick play, and team deathmatch.

Especially if you have been getting bored by having to trek long distances in some of the bigger CoD maps, Combat Master Mobile comes to the rescue with a smaller and more tailored for mobile experience.

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Modern Combat 5

If you're interested in having a more customisable shooting experience, Modern Combat 5 will definitely do the trick. Offering different classes with loads of equipment to choose from, it provides a more varied shooting experience than other games on the list.

With a rich player base that should make finding matches a breeze plus a well-made voice chat, this is one that's perfect if you’re looking for quick shooting on the go without having to find friends that you can play with. Modern Combat 5 is a great free alternative to the classic Call of Duty Mobile.

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Gun Strike

This is a bit different, and one that instead we would recommend to those players looking for a more tactical offline experience. Indeed, in Gun Strike you will be commanding a professional killer with all of the classic equipment that you might need.

Harkening back to the classics designed by Tom Clancy, Gun Strike offers a lengthy gameplay experience and a varied rooster of missions. This is one for those that prefer a more tactical approach over the all-around shooting.

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Dead Trigger 2

If you are hungry for something that plays similarly to the zombies mode in CoD, then Dead Trigger 2 might definitely do the trick. This is one for players looking for something that is easy to pick up and play and also runs great on older devices.

Dead Trigger 2 is just you against a horde of zombies, and you just have to gun them down all and try to survive. Simple, sure, but addictive and quite well-made in its simplicity.

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PUBG Mobile

You're probably already familiar with PUBG (or Player Unknown's Battle Grounds) and, indeed, it brings exciting competitive FPS action on both PC and consoles. Now the same experience is also available on mobile, for free as well.

We also recommend giving a look to New State Mobile, previously called PUBG: New State. This is an experience exclusively tailored for mobile. The devs are working hard on it so, especially if you like what PUBG has to offer, then New State will definitely be up your alley.

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You should find something to please most tastes in our list, both for those looking for a traditional FPS experience and those wanting to expand their tastes with some new modern mechanics. If you're a Call of Duty fan, you also might want to check out how to fix the items falling through map glitch and Warzone memory error.

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