How to fix Call Of Duty Mobile download configuration failed error on iOS and Android for Season 5

If you've been trying to update Call of Duty Mobile on Season 5, and are the unfortunate recipient of the download configuration failed error, we can help. While COD is a hugely popular game and has been enormously successful, it does unfortunately still throw up these issues from time to time.

Today, we'll look at what this error actually means, what causes it, and how you might be able to fix it. So without further ado, let's dive right in and see what there is to see.

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What is the COD Mobile download configuration failed error?

When players are trying to launch the game, the default loading screen appears, followed soon after by a pop-up that states:

Download configuration failed. Make sure your device is connected to a network and then restart the game.

This seems to be happening even when players are connected to a stable network, and being on Wi-Fi or on cellular data doesn't appear to make much difference.

It appears to be a problem caused by a miscommunication between your network and the game servers, and seems to become more common after a big patch update is released.

So now that we've got a little more clarity on what the error is, how do we actually fix it?

How to fix Call of Duty Mobile download error

Happily, there are several potential solutions for the download configuration failed error.

The really obvious things to try almost go without saying, but we'll say them anyway. Try closing the game and relaunching it, and if that doesn't work, try restarting your device. It's also worth checking that your internet connection is stable and working properly.

Go through all the obvious tests: check how other devices are working, restart your router if you are on Wi-Fi, try to reduce the number of devices using the network, and make sure there are no bandwidth-intensive activities going on in the background. But if you find that none of these options work, then here are some other solutions for you to attempt.

Change Data Usage Settings

  • Start by going into Settings on your device.
  • Go to Apps and Notifications > Apps. Select the COD Mobile app.
  • Select the Force Stop option and confirm.
  • Next, click on the Data Usage option
  • Allow all network options
  • Relaunch the game

iOS doesn't offer the same options, but you can still force close the app by:

  • Opening the App Switcher, find the COD Mobile app, then swipe up to close it.
  • Relaunch the app from your Home Screen.

Change DNS Server

  • Open your Wi-Fi Settings menu.
  • Go to your network ad look for DNS settings.
  • Change your DNS to and
  • If you are using Android 9 or above, add a private DNS and set the hostname to "".

Usually, the solutions suggested above should fix your issue. But you can always look for additional support on the Discord community page here. There have been occasions where the game publishers have rapidly issued a fix. This has happened, for example, when the error was linked to a specific test server. It's worth checking in, just in case they have communicated about a known issue.

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