The best mobile games like Animal Crossing

best mobile games like Animal Crossing - characters from Animal Crossing laughing

Finding the perfect village to move in requires time and patience, but in Animal Crossing players have their work cut out for them. You just have to earn enough bells to pay off your house, and then it's all fun and games. But sometimes you may need more than that, so how about looking at the best mobile games like Animal Crossing? There's a few you might like.

The Nintendo series is all about cute characters, fun, and relaxation in a cosy environment. It has that sweet magic that might be hard to replicate in other games.

But still, there are many games like it. Let's look then at some of the best mobile games like Animal Crossing and find one that might suit your tastes.

What are the best mobile games like Animal Crossing?

In our experience, some of the best mobile games like Animal Crossing are Stardew Valley, Cozy Grove, and My Time at Portia. Of course, the series also has an official mobile game in the guise of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. But, let's look at some of these games in detail.

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Stardew Valley

This is one that many of you might indeed find familiar. While there are no animal characters around, Stardew Valley presents a cozy and inviting town to move in. You will have to tend after your farm, decide who you want to have a relationship with, cultivate vegetables, and look after animals. This is now a classic game and one that we definitely recommend, if you haven't tried it yet.

My Time at Portia

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You move into a new town while restoring your Pa's old workshop. Again, no animals to find, but there is a lot to like in My Time at Portia. Along with growing vegetables and farming animals, My Time at Portia offers the classic relationship aspects while you explore and get to know the people of Portia. Alongside some interesting RPG mechanics, it's possible to level up your character, and even engage in limited combat.

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Cat Forest - Healing Camp

If you are a fan of Animal Crossing, chances are that you also like cats, right? Well then, Cat Forest is definitely the one for you. You have a chance at running your own camp ground, where you will receive cats visiting, and you can tend to their problems and issues by cooking them good food and harvesting resources. A nice little cozy experience that will leave you smiling and coming back for more.

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Happy Street

If you're looking for more animals to visit, then Happy Street might be a great alternative to Animal Crossing. Alongside building your own dream village, there are many locations to explore: a forest to fish, mountain to mine rocks, and a train station to visit far-away cities. Combining resource harvesting with building up relationships, Happy Street is the perfect little cosy adventure to have on the go.

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The Sims Mobile

Chances are that you are already familiar with how The Sims works. It's the classic life simulation that manages to make the most tedious aspects of everyone's lives fun and engaging. This is a more limited mobile experience, but still allows you to create your own Sim character, explore around the city, meet other Sims, and make friends. Or wreck their lives, if you so choose. The Sims Mobile is a great choice for some on-the-go virtual living.

That's all we have for games like Animal Crossing, but we are sure you are bound to find something you will like. Now, how about some mobile games similar to Stardew Valley or perhaps to Pokémon?

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