The best mobile games like Pokémon

Mobile games like Pokémon - Pokémon in the forest

Mobile games like Pokémon - Pokémon in the forest

How about catching them all, but… on the go? No, we are not talking about walking around to catch your favourite Pokémon, but games with similar gameplay. Those titles that are all around training, trading and fighting with your cute little creature. Let’s find out which mobile games like Pokémon are the most interesting.

Clearly, you might not find all of these games to scratch that very specific Pokémon itch, but if you are looking for something with similar gameplay, we're sure there will be something for everyone in this list.

Let’s grab our Pokédex and get ready to discover the best mobile games like Pokémon that are worth your time!

What are the best mobile games like Pokémon?

Some of the best mobile games similar to Pokémon are titles such as Neo Monsters, Beastie Bay, and Monster Masters. Of course, there are also several Pokémon mobile titles, most famously Pokémon GO. But let’s look at these “clones” in a bit more detail.

Neo Monsters

This mobile title offers much more chaotic and engaging battles compared to the classic experience in the Nintendo-published series. On the battlefield of Neo Monsters, two teams will face against each other with four monsters fighting against one another.

There are overall sixteen monster slots to choose from. This is definitely one for lovers of exciting turn-based battles. While the game was originally released in 2018, we also recommend giving a look to the sequel, which came out in 2021.

mobile games like pokémon - characters in Neo Monsters
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Monster Hunter Stories

Forget all you know about the classic Monster Hunter series. In Stories, you will have to track down monsters’ eggs, steal them and grow the little creatures. With turn-based combat that is engaging and many different creatures to choose, this is one great little title similar to the classic Nintendo series.

It was released on the 3DS back in the day, and also saw a mobile version in 2018. There is also a free intro chapter called The Adventure Begins, which is a great way to try the game out. While not the most recent release, it is still one we would feel like recommending to all fans.

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While the game doesn’t look at all like a Pokémon-inspired game, presenting many anime characters complete with classic gacha mechanics, we invite you to look further. In Evertale, the monster collecting and trading mechanics are still pretty much central to the gameplay, so for everyone that can get past the initial classic “anime” surface there is definitely much to enjoy. The collection mechanics are especially evolved, with many creatures that can be collected.

Mobile games like Pokémon - anime character in Evertale
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Nexomon: Extinction

While the original Nexomon was a bit of a mish-mash of different mechanics and ideas, the Extinction chapter brings the series back to the monster collecting roots. With almost 400 different creatures to collect, there is a lot for lovers of Pokémon mechanics to explore here.

Dynamic difficulty settings help in keeping the turn-based fights engaging and there is a varied world to explore as well. It's definitely one to keep an eye on, with a free chapter to try before buying as well.

Mobile games like Pokémon - Nexomon Extinction screenshot
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Monster Masters

This is a game that might make lovers of multiplayer battles happy. Indeed, the focus here is not really on complicated and engaging turn-based battles. There is, instead, a heavy emphasis on finding human players to battle with your creatures.

With not much story nor background to dive into, Monster Masters feels like the perfect game for the quick on-the-go matches you might want to blast through. There is also a possibility to get into private battles too, if you don’t feel like going global.

Mobile games like Pokémon - monster masters battle
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There should be something to please most tastes in our list, from traditional Pokémon clones to more quick and dirty turn-based battlers! For more like this, check out some mobile games like Call of Duty.

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