Baldur's Gate 3 - How to save Mayrina

How to save Mayrina - picture of Mayrina looking really gloomy
Credit: Baldur's Gate 3

How to save Mayrina - picture of Mayrina looking really gloomy
Credit: Baldur's Gate 3

Finding a woman trapped in a swamp can be a bad omen in Baldur’s Gate 3. Recently, however, many players have encountered such a woman named Mayrina. This woman is a captive of a powerful Fey hag named Auntie Ethel. The foreboding situation caused many players to ask the important question: how to save Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Saving Mayrina is just one of the early dilemmas that you can encounter in the game. You might even be compelled to find Halsin or you probably have to deal with the terrifying effects of flesh rot. Well, at least you don’t have to fight a Red Wizard for now.

So, do you want to know how to save Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3? Continue reading this guide and we’ll show you saving Mayrina while also dealing with Auntie Ethel.

How to save Mayrina from Auntie Ethel

To save Mayrina, you must first arrive at the Riverside Teahouse. Inside the teahouse, you and your party will witness the conversation between Mayrina and Auntie Ethel. Based on the conversation and other clues, you’ll notice Auntie Ethel’s peculiarity and lies.

At a later point of the discussion, Auntie Ethel will teleport Mayrina away using her foul hag magic. If you observe deeply, you’d notice that the fireplace in the centre of the room is an illusion. Auntie Ethel will then show herself and trigger the combat encounter.

Once the old hag has been reduced to half HP, she will retreat to a secret basement. Follow Ethel by interacting with the fireplace.

In the forsaken basement, you’ll find some unfortunate people mind-controlled by enchanted masks. You can dispatch the masked fellows or wear one to sneak past undetected. Afterwards, you’ll see a poison cloud blocking your path. This cloud is actually a harmless illusion, and the real threats are the exploding flowers on the side.

After reaching the hag, the real fun begins. Auntie Ethel will conjure multiple illusions of herself, and only one of them can be damaged to reduce the hag’s HP. You must also be wary because Ethel will attempt to burn Mayrina’s cage, so make sure that your Ray of Frost is ready.

Since Ethel is a snivelling hag, she will definitely bargain for her life. It’s up to you to give her the rare gift of pardon or the end of your blade.

Should you kill or spare Auntie Ethel?

Sparing or killing Auntie Ethel will yield different rewards, so the answer depends on your priorities. Kill the hag and you’ll get potions, equipment, gold, and a valuable weapon. If you spare the hag, you’ll get a bonus ability score point.

The death of Auntie Ethel will free the Wetlands from her crippling magic. However, Mayrina doesn’t seem to be very appreciative of your effort. Hopefully, you’ll find more grateful people as you continue your adventure in the Sword Coast.

And that’s our quick guide on saving Mayrina from Auntie Ethel. You can also check out our guides on breaking cracked walls and Baldur’s Gate 3 crafting recipes.

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