Are Hell Let Loose servers down? Find status and downtime

Are Hell Let Loose Servers Down soldier with gun

Are Hell Let Loose Servers Down soldier with gun

Hell Let Loose is a classic warfare game which is great fun in multiplayer. Still, players have been reporting some network errors on PS5. So, it is understandable if you might be wondering if the Hell Let Loose servers are down.

Some of the network issues are understandable, while others such as the voice chat not working are quite more frustrating. Naturally, some downtime is to be expected every once in a while, since all servers have to undergo maintenance every once in a while.

Let's find out, then, all about the Hell Let Loose servers, if they are down and what is happening with their status.

Are the Hell Let Loose servers down?

At the time of writing on September 20, the Hell Let Loose servers seem to be functioning correctly.

There have been some problems with the Xbox version of the game on September 19, but they seem to be solved today.

Still, there might be more future problems, especially if the game gets more and more popular. Depending on the number of players, the servers might be slowing down or just refusing your login.

If you are experiencing problems with the servers or general network problems, we would recommend you wait before trying again, even 10 minutes. Also, a good idea might also be of trying to play during non-peak times in your area, as to avoid too many players at once.

How to check the real-time Hell Let Loose server status

In order to check the real-time Hell Let Loose server status, there are several methods you can use.

Unfortunately, there are no official sources from the developers, so we would recommend checking sites such as Game Monitoring to have an idea of what is going on.

If you see several servers being full and working correctly, then there might be no problem, but if many of them are offline then perhaps there is a network issue going on.

We would also recommend looking at the official X page, in order to know if there are some serious networking problems going on or, perhaps, the servers are down for maintenance.

How long are Hell Let Loose servers down?

The duration of the Hell Let Loose server downtime can vary depending on the type of maintenance being performed or if perhaps there is a new patch being installed. Here are the expected durations for each type:

  • Rolling restart: The servers are restarted and typically become available again within 15 minutes. This type of downtime is relatively short.
  • Server maintenance: The servers can be brought down for a few hours, averaging around 3-4 hours.

Therefore, depending on the type of maintenance being performed, the Hell Let Loose servers might be down for as little as fifteen minutes. But, if there is maintenance needed on some of them, you might expect a downtime of several hours.

What we would recommend is staying up to date on the latest news on social media, both of the game and also Team 17, to know beforehand if there's any planned maintenance or installation of new patches.

Overall, if you are having issues connecting, the best thing to do is always wait a bit and then try again to log in.

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