AMD Zen 5 - release date, specs, price and more

AMD Zen 5 release date specs price processor on grey background

AMD Zen 5 release date specs price processor on grey background

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Given the codename "Granite Ridge", the new Zen 5 CPUs have been announced by AMD to be coming sometime in the near future. But when? And what about the price? Let's find out all about the AMD Zen 5, its release date, specs, price and more.

Naturally, it is still pretty early days, especially considering how even the Zen 4 processors have yet to come into the hands of PC users and retailers everywhere. But let's get everything we know together and see if we can gather more information.

So, without further ado, here's everything we know about the upcoming AMD Zen 5 CPUs.

AMD Zen 5 release date prediction

AMD has not yet revealed the precise release date yet.

Revealed during AMD’s Financial Analyst Day 2022, the new CPUs have been given a very wide release window of "sometime in 2024". It is definitely early to speculate more about a more precise release date.

AMD Zen 5 specs rumours

There have been rumours about the specs, so we can definitely speculate on those. The Zen 5 is rumoured to use TSMC's 3 nm process, as opposed to the Zen 4's 5nm. Definitely a huge step forward compared to the 2017 Zen line of processors, which used 14nm.

Youtube channel RedGamingTech has also mentioned an IPC increase of around 22-30% compared to the Zen 4 line. There seem to be relevant changes to the cache structure as well, as the Ryzen 8000 Zen 5 CPUs will have a bigger L1 cache, while the L2 cache could be “unified across a CCX."

AMD Zen 5 price speculation

Since the release date is still far away, the company has not essentially revealed anything about the price either, so we will have to wait to know more.

But, going on the price of the Zen 4, around $699 for the 16-core Ryzen 9 7950X flagship, we might definitely expect something along the same lines, if not slightly more expensive.

AMD Zen 5 speculations recap

  • AMD Zen 5 predicted release date: Sometime in 2024
  • AMD Zen 5 rumoured specs: 3 nm process | IPC increase | bigger L1 cache
  • AMD Zen 5 speculated price: $700-800 USD

That is all the information we have on the AMD Zen 5 CPUs at the moment. While waiting for more information, you can check out our guides on everything we know about the Zen 4 and the best AMD motherboard for gaming.

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