Alan Wake 2 characters – who will be in the sequel?

Alan Wake 2 characters Ahti

Alan Wake 2 characters Ahti

The story of Remedy Entertainment’s psychological thriller is finally getting its next chapter with a much-awaited sequel. You might be curious about the Alan Wake 2 characters that are expected to show up, so we’ll be listing them down in this guide and seeing how they will fit into the game’s story.

Despite the sequel not getting a physical release, many Alan Wake fans are excited to see where the story will take them next. Either that or there are a lot of people who can’t wait to start up another thermos collection.

So, let’s go ahead and get into the Alan Wake 2 characters you’ll be meeting as you play through the follow-up to the action-adventure game.

Alan Wake 2 characters

Everyone expects the titular character Alan Wake to make a comeback in the franchise’s next installment but we’ll also be getting newcomers like Saga Anderson. Who else can you expect to meet as you return to Bright Falls? Let’s find out.

  • Alan Wake – Eponymous character and protagonist of the original game, the bestselling American novelist is back for more action in the sequel. You’ll still be able to take control of Mr. Wake but it looks like he’s still trapped in the Dark Place.
  • Saga Anderson – The second protagonist and playable character in Alan Wake 2. Saga is an FBI agent sent to Bright Falls to investigate a strange string of murders.
  • Alex Casey – Joining Saga on her investigation of the Bright Falls murders is her FBI partner, Alex Casey.
  • Ahti – the Head Janitor at the Federal Bureau of Control, you may recognize this character from the game Control. Control is another title made by Remedy Entertainment that is set in the same universe as Alan Wake.
  • Warlin Door – Also known as Mr. Door, he is a mysterious entity that holds knowledge about the multiverse and how to shift between them.
  • Koskela Brothers – Ilmo and Jaakko Koskela are twin brothers who live in the town of Watery. Ilmo is the owner of the Watery Lighthouse Trailer Park.

And those are the Alan Wake 2 characters that we know of so far. If you plan on getting the survival-horror sequel from Steam, make sure to check out its system requirements and its Steam Deck performance.

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