Alan Wake 2 thermos – is the collectible in the sequel?

Alan Wake 2 thermos

Alan Wake 2 thermos

With the sequel to Remedy Entertainment’s psychological thriller finally on its way, fans are wondering if Alan Wake 2 thermos items will be in the game. Those who played the original Alan Wake will be able to recognize these coffee thermoses right away with its Oh Deer Diner logo and light blue background.

Though the developers were keen on insisting that the first Alan Wake was more of an action-adventure game, they have no issue with categorizing Alan Wake 2 as survival horror. But no matter what it’s genre actually is, some players considered the Oh Deer Diner thermoses as a sort of distraction from the original game’s terrifying story.

While Mr. Wake is still a major part of the sequel, it will also introduce a new protagonist in the form of FBI agent Saga Anderson. So, let’s go ahead and find out if agent Saga will be able to start her very own Alan Wake 2 thermos collection.

Will the thermos items be in Alan Wake 2?

Yes, we will be seeing the Oh Deer Diner coffee thermoses in Alan Wake 2. Not only was this confirmed by Remedy through a press release, they have also teamed up with Finnish company Airam to create an actual limited edition Oh Deer Diner thermos.

In fact, Remedy Entertainment uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel promoting the collaboration with Airam. The limited-edition thermos is scheduled to become available in September 2023, about a month before Alan Wake 2’s launch.

But even though we know that the thermoses will be making a return, it’s unclear if they will serve the same purpose in Alan Wake 2. Remedy communications director Thomas Puha has stated that the thermos will have a significantly more important role in the sequel.

Alan Wake 2 thermos locations

At the moment, we have no idea where the Oh Deer Diner thermoses will be located since Alan Wake 2 doesn’t come out for another couple of months. However, we could get an idea of where to find them based on the first game.

As collectible items, Oh Deer Diner thermoses can be found in random locations throughout the first game. You can find them in places you’d expect like inside the Oh Deer Diner, or in some less obvious locations like on top of a rock in the woods. We’ll be sure to make some updates when more information on Alan Wake 2 thermoses becomes available.

And that’s it for our guide on Alan Wake 2 thermos items. For more on Alan Wake 2, you can check out its system requirements and how it might perform on Steam Deck.

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