Zenith Quest 2: Is Zenith: The Last City On Oculus Quest 2 And How To Get Zenith on Oculus Quest 2?

Zenith is an anime and JRPG inspired VR MMO, where millions of people can play, socialize, and create their own unique experiences together. There has been news that Zenith: The Last City is coming to Oculus Quest 2. Absolutely, we must know if this is true and what is the release date of this game on Oculus Quest 2. So, let’s start!

Is Zenith: The Last City on Oculus Quest 2?

If you are wondering about whether or not Zenith: The Last City is coming to Quest 2, the answer is yes. Too good to be true?

According to the official website of the game, Zenith: The Last City will be released on Oculus Quest, Quest 2 and Rift on Jan 27, 2022. In addition to Oculus Quest, the game will be available on SteamVR and PSVR.

Undeniably, this news is very exciting and we cannot wait to try out the game. Finally, we will have a chance to explore the lush fantasy world of Zenith in VR. But you have to wait for a little bit longer.

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How to Get Zenith on Oculus Quest 2?

Obviously, you can download Zenith on Oculus Quest and Rift devices from Oculus Store. As a matter of fact, Zenith is a paid game.

Zenith: The Last City is priced at $29.99, but if you pre-order the game, you can get it for $26.99. So, if you want to grab it for a low price, you need to hurry up.

The game is almost 4GB in size, so make sure you have enough space on your Oculus Quest 2 to accommodate the game. Also, learn how to download the game while your Quest 2 is in sleep mode. It will improve the download speed as well as save battery.

We are quite sure you will enjoy Zenith. Grab it as soon as possible!

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