Oculus Quest 2 Extra Storage - Can You Expand the Storage?

An image of the Meta Quest 2 - Oculus Quest 2 Extra Storage

An image of the Meta Quest 2 - Oculus Quest 2 Extra Storage

The Quest 2 offers two storage capacities: 128GB and 256GB. If you're concerned about whether this is sufficient, you may be contemplating the use of extra storage as a solution for your Oculus Quest 2.

Because the Meta Quest 2 is a standalone device, your games won't be stored on another system. This makes it extra important that you understand your storage needs.

So is it possible to expand the storage of Meta Quest 2? Here, we will talk about the Oculus Quest 2 extra storage, providing insights into whether you can upgrade the storage with an SSD or an SD card.

Can You Upgrade Oculus Quest 2 Storage Using An External Drive?

No, you cannot expand the storage of your Oculus Quest 2. There's no provision to install internal or external storage devices for memory upgrades. Similarly, its successor, the Meta Quest 3, also does not support external storage upgrades.

So, if you were thinking of saving a few bucks by buying the 128GB option, and then hoping to use an external hard drive, think again. This could end up being a false economy, especially if you run out of space on your headset.

Although this is disappointing, there are a couple of options if you are running out of space.

What Are My Options?

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The first and most obvious thing to say is that you may just have to engage in some classic hard drive management. While this might be a faff, it is certainly cheaper than buying another Quest headset. Games that you have already completed, or haven't played in a while, are prime candidates for deletion.

A second option to consider is using the Oculus Link cable. This then allows you to connect your Quest to your PC, and utilise the storage space on your computer instead.

As an added bonus this then gives you access to games that you otherwise might not have been able to play. Steam games, for example, such as Hard Bullet. That by itself is almost all the justification you need.

PC VR gaming was previously available through the Rift S. But that headset is no longer available to buy from the Oculus website. Instead, gamers are directed to the Quest 2 with Oculus Link.

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