YouTube adds HDR support on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S: How to check it with the 'stats for nerds' panel

Modern-day technology constantly improves even the old classics of the internet.

We're not talking quite as far back as Homestar Runner or Badger Badger Mushroom, but lots of services keep on top of evolving technology by adapting and including all the cool new stuff that comes about.

Services like YouTube, you know, the ones that have a lot of videos, really need to keep up with what consoles can do.

While YouTube on PS4 has had HDR for a while, it's never been the case on Xbox consoles. Until now…

YouTube brings HDR to Xbox consoles

As reported by Engadget, YouTube has brought HDR not only to the Xbox Series X and Series S, but also the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

That's great news for people who have been sat in front of their Xbox Consoles crying themselves to sleep waiting for HDR to finally become available on it, finally, you can dry your eyes and sleep.

Or, you can stay up late watching all of these beautiful videos with new and improved visuals. You can check this by using the Stats for Nerds panel on your console.

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What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it's an important part of the modern experience when it comes to updated visuals and better looking, well, everything.

HDR basically improves the ability of video signals to be lighter or darker and even have more colours. Effectively, it improves visuals to no end, and it's really important as videos and the people who make them get better at utilising newer cameras and techniques.

It's the kind of technical thing that some people won't necessarily notice, but for others it's an essential upgrade that'll have them falling in love with movies and whatnot all over again.

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