Xbox Series X video slaps back at PS5 reveal, hypes up next-gen ray tracing and more

Begun the console war has: the Xbox Series X initially released its technical specs, then the PS5 did the same a few days later.

Then, the PS5 DualSense controller was announced, but everything had gone a bit quiet on the Xbox front. Until now, that is!

Microsoft is not going to take this next-gen console-war lying down, and so the company's marketing team has flexed a little harder in a video for Inside Xbox.

Watch the Inside Xbox video

The video has Jason Ronald, the Xbox Series X Director of Program Manager, and man with an incredible beard, explain the technology within the upcoming console.

Ronald explains how Microsoft is trying to balance both power and speed within the console. It's a fascinating video and makes for a good six-minute watch.

Xbox Series X ray tracing explained

Ronald talks about how exciting the reveal was for the team before, which is quite nice to hear.

He also talks about the fact that this is the most powerful console ever, and how that'll help shape the next generation of consoles.

There's a brief explanation of Ray Tracing too, gaming's most popular man/lighting feature that we're just about able to wrap our heads around.

This particular part is interesting because it's highlighted with some Minecraft screenshots, which somehow look incredible despite the low-graphical fidelity.

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Xbox Series X quick resume explained

Ronald also talks about Quick Resume, which is how the console can suspend a game and allow the player to pick it up wherever they were previously.

It's accompanied by footage of someone jumping from one game to another fairly seamlessly, with the promise being that you could pick up your progress in either at any point.

A lot of the information in the video drills down into things we already know, but it still makes for a fascinating look into some of the people behind the tech, and just how interested they are in what they're doing.

It's good to remember that people are behind a lot of the magic that many of us immerse ourselves in.

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Xbox Series X
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The inside of the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X expansion card explained

Perhaps the strangest part of the show was when Larry Hryb holds up the new Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which allows you to use a memory card of sorts to improve the memory capacity of your Xbox Series X.

It's been designed in a way that will allow it to work perfectly with the new console, though Ronald also says that any USB drive should work alongside the powerful new console.

It's not so much as a slap back to PS5 as it is bragging about their own tech, but it's clear that the team at Microsoft wants you to remember all the awesome features about the Xbox Series X.

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