Quick Resume could be Xbox Series X’s killer feature

2020 is going to be the year that gives gamers a real taste of the future.

Not only is creativity in games at an all-time high, but we’re also seeing cloud streaming services become the new battleground for big tech companies.

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Cloud streaming will offer console-quality games to gamers, wherever they are, but most eyes are currently on the next-gen war emerging between Sony and Microsoft.

We already know that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will set the standard of graphical power for years to come, but the biggest improvements will be seen in the processing speed.

Continue reading to see how immediate immersion will be the feature that wins the console war.

Xbox Series X Specs

Microsoft unwittingly caught the gaming community out in the back end of February, by revealing a ton of specs for Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X will allegedly be the “most immersive console experience ever”, with Microsoft placing emphasis on both power and speed throughout the development process.

In fact, Xbox series X will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X (which still holds the title of the most powerful home console ever made), but raw power is just part of the story.

With the current generation of consoles being defined by clunky aesthetics and sizeable waiting times, the real battle is going to be fought out over immersion speeds.

Smart Delivery

It was recently revealed that gamers who buy Cyberpunk 2077 for their Xbox One will be able to play the game on Xbox Series X, once it releases.

This feature that Microsoft is employing has been coined as ‘smart delivery’, which will enable gamers to buy games without the fear of having to buy it again, mere months later for their next-gen console.

Granted, this is a nifty feature, but it gets even better.

Quick Resume

The average Xbox One X user must still sit through 40-50 seconds of loading time before they can even start a third-party game that has been released in the last couple of years.

Even ‘Enhanced’ games take an average of 29 seconds to load up; though this doesn’t seem like much, when you hear about the ‘Quick Resume’ feature that is coming with Xbox Series X, the very idea of loading times will have your blood boiling.

The upcoming ‘Quick Resume’ feature will let you continue multiple games from a suspended state, almost instantly.

This feature will return you exactly to where you were and what you were doing, without forcing gamers to sit through loading screens.

The SSD will also help to facilitate the eradication of loading times, while ensuring that gaming worlds will be bigger and more dynamic than ever before.

The benefits of the next-gen consoles seem to extend in every direction, and with them primed to release in the holiday period at the end of the year, we do not have long before the future is here.

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