Xbox Series X UI video REVEALED: New feature lets you save videos to your phone!

Marketing for the next-gen consoles is ramping up as we fast approach the launch window of both the Series X and PS5. In what has been a fairly quiet period for Sony announcements, Microsoft has released yet more information about the upcoming Xbox, this time focusing on the user interface.

In a three-minute video, staff from across the Xbox design, social and Xbox Experience teams explained how the new Xbox UI will mark a significant improvement on previous UI iterations.

This comes after a recent Microsoft blog post announced the overhaul of the Xbox Store's UI, which rolled out earlier this month for members of the Xbox Insider program.

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Xbox Experience upgrades explained!

While the Series X design may not be seeing a significant overhaul from its predecessors, Xbox owners will see reduced loading times and seamless transitions with the new UX design.

By utilising Quick Resume and Xbox Velocity Architecture, the Xbox Series X's "Home now launches over 15% faster when you boot your Xbox, and is almost a third faster to load when returning from a game," according to Jonathan Hildebrandt, the Principal Program Manager at Xbox Experience

Aspects of the UX including Home, Xbox Store, and the Guide have also been made more efficient, with Chris Novak, Xbox's Head of Research & Design expressing they have "reduc[ed] the footprint to maximise the console horsepower available to games", fitting these aspects "in almost 40% less memory."

You can watch the full Xbox Experience video here:

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New Xbox Series X social features

As part of the 'Xbox Experience' that now spans across all digital devices, Xbox is further implementing support with its mobile app to allow you to share your clips and screenshots from your phone.

"Now, when you capture on the console, it's sent to your phone to share instantly, making it easier to get that moment to your friends and ensuring that you're not standing around in the middle of some match trying to type a message on a virtual keyboard," explained Novak.

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Judging from the footage, you will also be able to save clips and screenshots directly to your camera roll, rather than just to social media. This should hopefully allow for gamers to create montages or compilations via their mobile devices rather than on traditional desktop devices.

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