Xbox Series X Reddit: Latest News, Rumours, Insights, Opinions

With both next-gen consoles now officially revealed and both Xbox and PlayStation's marketing plans in full-swing, more people are taking to the internet to share their opinions on the latest developments.

While many will use Twitter as the platform for this, Reddit is certainly becoming the place for more focused discussions on specific topics, with r/XboxSeriesX rapidly growing into a hub for prospective console owners to share their thoughts on the new Xbox.

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If you don't want to trawl through the subreddit to find out the latest developments, we're collecting the best and most controversial goings-on from both r/XboxSeriesX and r/Xbox down below.

r/XboxSeriesX's Xbox Game Showcase Predictions

In a thread entitled 'What games do you hope to see in the Games Showcase tomorrow', Reddit users have been giving their hopes and predictions for tonight's event.

Looking at the comments collectively, it appears that Xbox fans are hoping for news on both Banjo-Kazooie and Fable.

One comment that stood out to us came from u/BlackRevolver2 who replied that they hope to see "anything that isn't Halo/Gears/Forza/Flight Simulator."

These games have certainly been a staple of the Xbox One exclusives library since its launch in 2013, but Xbox fans are hoping that other series' or fresh IP will get a chance in the spotlight in the Games Showcase.

If you want to follow the official r/XboxSeriesX livethread for the upcoming event, you can find it here.

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Xbox Series X Game Price Increase

One of the main talking points around next-gen gaming over the past week has focused on the increased price point that next-gen games are alleged to be set at.

With NBA 2K21 setting its prices for next-gen versions £5 higher in the UK and $10 higher in the US, industry analysts have predicted that this may be standard going into the next-gen.

How has the Xbox community reacted? With any group of consumers, having to pay more will always be met with some backlash, and Xbox fans are no different.

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"Welp, one more reason to have Game Pass I suppose" stated u/Divide-by-Zero88.

Others were more sympathetic to the price increase but took aim at the influx of microtransactions that already make sports games especially even more expensive to play.

"I don't mind paying more," admitted u/SoldierPhoenix, "problem is, they will increase the price and still keep all the same microtransactions, season passes, and "ultimate edition" practices."

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R/XboxSeriesX Reacts to Mixer closing down

Last week, Microsoft announced they were closing down Mixer and instead choosing to partner with Facebook Gaming.

As Facebook is quite the divisive brand in the current social climate, many Xbox fans were less than happy that the company were now so close to the console.

"I don’t want Facebook’s paws anywhere on my console. This better not be intergraded into the UI" stated u/LeftyMode, echoing the sentiment of many users.

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Others were concerned about how this would push more people to PlayStation, or would indeed make that move to the PS5 if Facebook became further integrated in the Xbox infrastructure.

U/Abstract_Abs was one of these Xbox players, explaining that if Facebook becomes involved in Xbox Game Pass that they would "cancel their Game Pass subscription" before highlighting that "Sony completely removed Facebook integration from PSN last year."

It looks like Xbox users who are wary of Facebook can rest easy, however. Phil Spencer appeared to confirm on Twitter that Series X owners will not be limited to Facebook Gaming, for "they absolutely want to give gamers a choice of where to stream from Xbox."

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Xbox fans assess the rumour that Microsoft may buy WB Games

With news breaking last week that AT&T had listed their entire WB games division for sale, industry experts and gamers alike speculated as to who would not only want to scoop up these studios, but who could afford to do it.

One of the potential buyers, alongside the likes of Activision, EA and Take2, is Microsoft.

Fans, of course, reacted to this speculation positively, seeing the chance to acquire studios behind the likes of Scribblenauts, the Arkham Series, and Mortal Kombat as yet another way to keep up with the ever-expanding list of PlayStation exclusives.

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"I see your Spider-Man and raise you Mortal Kombat and DC," said one user, referencing Sony's exclusive rights to the character who starred in their commercially and critically successful PS4 game, Spider-Man.

However, other Xbox fans are more cautious about the potential sale, warning that buying studios does not necessarily mean they will have the automatic rights to the WB IPs.

U/AbdulhamidHHH also warned that Microsoft, having acquired a bunch of new studios in 2018, does not need 10+ new studios under its name, observing that only "Rocksteady, Netherrealms and Monolith [are] worth the investment" for Microsoft.

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